Now days we are very much using computers for different works in our day to day life. Computer is very much efficient machine that manipulate or process and store valuable data for us. But sometimes it may have chance that the files those we store in our computer are deleted by our absent minds.

What if sometimes it may contain the very important data of office, related to business, personal data or any other valuable data. So it is really important that you must know how to recover any deleted files in Mac OS X from your computer. So now there’s a chance of positive thought for our mistakenly deleted important files

Also computers are different types with different operating systems are used in computers like windows, Linux, Mac OS etc. all operating systems feature and settings are different and you need to know how to recover deleted files and any other thing in the operating system that is you are using in your computer.

Let discuss about the Mac OS X and know how to recover deleted files from it. In Mac OS most of the Mac OS users always tried to find a solution of deleted data recovery from the trash bin on Mac OS X i.e. emptied after losing important files.

As like different OS in Mac Operating System, Trash Bin is the Place at where, all files and important data are stored after deleted from Mac OS X system. It is our tendency that even we have so much space on our hard disk but we don’t want to store too many junk files or more data in our hard disk. So we always deleted files or emptied our trash bin in our Mac OS system, but after deleting files, sometimes we found that we deleted some important data and sadly found that we deleted important one by mistake. Actually, this is a standout amongst the well-known reasons for data loss on Mac X and other operating systems.

Let discuss a about free file recovery for Mac from emptied trash bin on Mac OS X that will help us in difficult situation.

For proper data recovery we need to understand that initially when we deleting a data file or any other thing in our Mac OS X, this will be stored in Trash which is present on your Mac OS X system at the right-hand end of the Dock. It is very easy and we can easily restore any deleted file or data on our system at any time until we clean the trash bin of our system. If not, then we need to use a third party data recovery software tool to get back our important deleted data. We can try data recovery software like “EaseUS Mac” data recovery software which is a powerful tool for erased data from emptied trash bin on Mac OS X computer system.

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Step One: The first step is stop using the drive when you know some data are lost. Because when some file is deleted, it is set to be overwritten in your system, so if you stop using the drive immediately after the file will deleted, then the chances increase that the file has not been overwritten yet and easily recover from system.

So don’t do any programs, save, create, or delete any files in your system, and if the deleted file is present on your start up drive of your system, then turn your computer off that increase the chances of recovery.

Step Two: Step two is download a file recovery program or software for your system. You must download the software on another computer or drive so that you don’t accidentally overwrite the file that you want or trying to recover from system.

EaseUS Data Recovery WizardStep Three:

data recovery for Mac

Step three Install the data recovery program on your system it is best that a USB drive (if possible). It is better that if you can, install the data recovery program onto a disk drive in portable mode then it is a better practice.

Step Four:

Deleted Files Scan

Step four Scan your system. The recovery process is different in different recovery software, but generally you will be able to choose the drive that you need to scan for recovering any data from it. You need to select the drive that contained the file you accidentally deleted on your system. The software may be asked to specify the types of files you want the recovery program to look for to recovering for you.


Step Five:

EaseUS Mac Undelete

Step five Select any file that you want to recover from system. After scanning your drive, the recovery software will be presented a list of files that can be recovered, so file names will often be destroyed, so you may have to preview each file individually so that you can find the one you want to recover.


Step Six: In sixth or last step save your files. After selecting the files that you want to recover from system, you will be save the files somewhere in your hard disk or anywhere else.

These are very simple steps to recover any deleted file in your computer system that uses Mac OS X.

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