Duolingo is truly one of the best Android/iOS App for learning a new language, now the organization has joined out a most expected Android app moreover to the iPhone app. It’s simple to continue your language learning anywhere you’re.DuoLingo app logo

Duolingo is an app for learn languages free, It can teach you French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Italian, along with English from all those languages. It uses timed exercise drills, for the pictures as well as sounds, to aid you learn your preferred language and encourages you for the factors as well as other game like achievements. The mobile phone apps sync with all your web-based user profile and practice, so you’re able to get your coaching where you quit off.

DuoLingo Language learning


How It Works:

Supported Languages: English, French, Dutch,  German, Hindi, Greek, Spanish, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Romanian Portuguese, , Russian, Simplified Chinese, Korean , Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese

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Dulingo here (Free) | Google Play, Duolingo here (Free) | iTunes App Store, Visit Duolingo App Site here