Imagine you’re away from home, and the only gadget for use around, in the isolated and otherwise technology-sparse area you are unfortunately in, is your phone, and you have a serious craving to watch your usual go-to movie. What do you do?

Normally, people would be prone to get really dejected and secretly sob inside because the usual idea is this –“If it hasn’t been downloaded or transferred on to your phone from your computer, you cannot watch a movie on your phone. [Unless of course you are willing to put yourself through the agony of waiting for your online video feed to buffer – which only takes about Forever!]”

So what DO you do?

Let me tell you one little secret; who knows… you might thank me later. YOU CAN DOWNLOAD TORRENTS ON YOUR ANDROID PHONE!

To know how, just follow the simple steps given below:

Step 1: Visit the Play Store.

Every Android phone has this good application called Google Play Store previously installed on to it. The manufacturers or the company takes the pains to do this so that you, i.e., their dearest customer, do not have to bother yourself with downloading this particular gem. Well, kudos to them!

Now go to that menu button on your phone and visit the Play Store.

There? Okay… moving on.

Step 2: Search for uTorrent

Go to the search bar on the top of the screen. Type in “uTorrent”, and don’t forget to click the spyglass icon. You are searching for your best torrent downloader for android app here. After you have tapped the spyglass icon, you will get a list of searches that match the text you have typed in to the search bar. Choose the option which says “uTorrent”.

Step 3: Download the application.

After you have clicked the option of “uTorrent”, you will be re-directed to the uTorrent application page. There will be a button with “Download” written on it. Click on this tiny, green, rectangular box to download the application on to your Android phone.

If you have the holy blessing of a good internet connection, your download will be over in a matter of second. [It might also be a matter of minutes if you have a bad internet connection, or the download might keep stalling. Queries of bad internet connection should be promptly taken up with your internet service provider. Good luck!]

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Step 4: Install your app.

After the app has been successfully downloaded on to your Android smartphone, a prompt will ask you if you want to install the app. Click on the button which says “Install”. Your app installation process will begin.

Step 5: Grant permission.

After you have clicked the “Install” button to grant the app permission to be installed on your phone, you might be asked to grant permission to the app to access other files or folders [that might hold your data – emails, text docs, pictures, etc.] on your Android smart phone.

In case, this prompt box appears, grant permission. In case, no such prompt or text box appears… never mind.

Now your uTorrent Downloader app is ready to use!

The next question you are faced with now is this: How do you use the uTorrent Downloader app on android?


Even for the most backward and technology-challenged individual, this is not such an nightmare. Really! It is pretty simple and really easy!

Just keep up with the following instructions, and it is smooth sailing from here on out!

Step 2: Visit your trusted app.

uTorrent Downloader app

Seek out your uTorrent Downloader app icon on your Android phone app page. Once you have done so, click on the uTorrent Downloader app icon.

Step 3: Spy Search!

Spy Search

Select the spyglass icon on the app page. There will be a search bar. Input the name of the movie you wish to download in to this search bar.

Step 4: Wait.

This waiting period depends on the efficiency and the immediacy with which your internet connection works.

[Repeated Disclaimer: If you feel your internet connection lacks speed, and you are not happy, DO NOT CRIBS ABOUT IT. Make yourself useful, and actually do something! Take up this boiling issue with your internet service provider, change your data pack, or opt for another connection!]


Step 5: Spoilt for choice.

After you have been presented with your search results, you have an important choice to make. Which download link should you choose?

Ideally, you should pick one with adequate seeders and trackers and make sure the down-speed of the torrent that you have selected is optimal. You should also make sure the file size is not huge. This will only eat up your Android phone’s memory space.

Step 6: The ultimate download!


Once, you’ve singled out a torrent link of your preference, click on it to download it. Once the movie downloads, just sit back, glue your eyes to your smartphone screen and Enjoy!