Now a day’s many people are using iPhone’s. iPhone is a very important device or a well featured smart phones designed by Apple Inc also Apple Inc manufactured and marketed this iPhone device. iPhone’s run on Apple’s iOS a very efficient mobile operating system created by Apple. iPhone’s are very useful and there are many features or functions are provided by it, but we don’t use all features. The iPhone’s are very important for our life style, iPhone’s are very important gazette those are equal to our computer even more than a computer. The iPhone’s are providing much function like internet, camera, multimedia player etc and special function like GPS those are very helpful for us.

As example GPS is a very important feature of iPhone’s but it is not always required, it is only required during traveling. So turning off GPS on your iPhone is very important, if you aren’t using this function, turning off GPS on your iPhone may help in improve your phone’s battery life, another thing is it also making sure that no one harm you like hackers or someone can’t view your location that is very important from the safety point of view. As well as other apps seeing where you are.

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What exactly is GPS function?

This is what you should know before reading about the main theme of the article.

GPS is the Global Positioning System is a very important service it is a space-based satellite navigation system that is very much efficient and provides location and time information during any types of weather conditions, and at anyplace on or close to the earth where there is an unhampered line of sight to four or more GPS satellites.

This system provides many advantages to military, civil, and commercial users around the world. Also GPS system is very helpful for public use; we people are using this system in different situations.

Even though GPS is really an asset feature there demands some situation to turn off GPS on your iPhone.

So why turn off GPS on iPhone ?

If the GPS system on your system is not used by you then it is better to turn off the GPS function. It provides you many benefits.

The first thing is the battery life of you iPhone increases and it is very necessary. As smart phones are using many functions and are very small in compare to a computer but these is more than a computer so it uses more power from your battery. That causes you need to charge your iPhone’s battery in quick intervals. So it is a better practice of turn off all unnecessary programs or functions on your iPhone.

So let’s discuss about how easily you can turning off your iPhone’s GPS function. It is very easy to use a GUI (graphical user interface). So in iPhone’s you can easily do many things.

These are some steps are gives below to guide you on Turing off your iPhone’s GPS function. So let’s start.

Step One:

Step one is very easy, turn on your iPhone and go to your iPhone’s home screen then you will see many icons click on the settings icon among all icons shown to you.

Step Two:

Step two when you click on setting icon, you see much option under settings, find “Privacy” option and click on it.

privacy location services

Step Three:

Step three after clicking on Privacy, you will get more options and Location Services is one of it. Click on Location Services option.

Step Four:

location services

Step four here you find the option to click on Location Services. Turn off GPS here by turning off location services vices; this is very easy you just need to slide it to turn off.

Step Five:

step five in this step you can turn off GPS fully by turning location services off it is very easy just by using the on/off button that is shown at the top, or you can turn off the GPS function to each app by using each individual on/off button those are available.

So these are very simple steps those may very helpful for you in turning off your iPhone’s GPS function.

From the above discussion we come to an conclusion that it is important to turn off your iPhone’s GPS function and the above mentioned steps help you in the process of turning off the GPS system of your iPhone in a very easier and efficient way.

I hope you like the above piece of writing and it is beneficial for you because who don’t like to get a trick to avoid frequent charging of your iPhone .Exactly this can help you to have long life to your iPhone . I hope you enjoy the above discussion.