Location Tracking on iPhone – Are you

Do you feel that internet is spying you these days ?

If you are getting such a  feel that’s  you your privacy settings .

Do you have any idea about what exactly is your Internet life these days ?

It is like whatever you do you are watched , your interest is recorded , and thus you are getting thousand of advertisements that really suits your interest.

These days if we ask someone what you do in internet or your favorite pass time on web then without any doubt they will say Facebook. You’re getting yourself tracked by many social media applications these days .

PC’s and laptops for internet has become boring and everyone loves to use internet in fingertips on their “latest smartphone” . What it feels to be an iPhone user is always amazing. Of course all proud iPhone users too use

There are many people who are using Facebook Messenger on iPhone .There sometimes they feel  ” wherever they go they are watched “. It is because of automatic iPhone location tracking .

Believe me guys we have a way to solve half of your problem by helping you to know and go through some simple steps that are very easy to follow and get rid of tracking of your location on your iPhone.

Facebook Messenger Location Tracking on iPhone -Why a serious problem ?

But tell me why is it important to turn off or to disable your Facebook Messenger’s location tracking ?

Got any idea guys . Well if you don’t have any idea about this here you get idea from here.

These days its quite usual about receiving a message on Facebook from someone you don’t know. We keep it unread for sometime but some people are so tricky to make us read it somehow and at times we are forced to react  . At last we open it and will reply in a way we don’t want them to contact us anymore and they too stop disturbing us. We may think that is the the end of the problem .But i would say it is not the end of problem(not in every case but in most case) .

Why the problem is not over ,it is because they can now find your location with your reply message . It means your iPhone location is tracked by Facebook messenger. They get your location so it will put you in trouble now or later .So that’s is why it is better to turn off / disable Facebook Messenger’s location tracking.

Disable Facebook Messenger’s Location Tracking:-

Now let us move to the solution for the core issue . We have given you enough idea about how you fall as prey to advertisements as well are how this location tracking becomes a serious problem.What you need now is the best solution to

Now will tell you HOW TO DO IT ?

Privacy -Location Services -Messenger

Step1: First thing we usually do to change something or to turn on or turn off something we have to make the desired changes in settings . Isn’t it ?

Then what are you waiting for now , just click on settings option.

Step2: Now you can see an option called  “privacy” . Click on it to select that. The next thing you have to choose after clicking on pris to sele location services from that.

Step3: What to do after clicking on location services 

ou have to switch the Messenger to ‘NEVER’.

 So you done with the process of How to Disable Facebook Location Tracking on iPhone “.

1: Process for turning Messenger’s tracker off in iPhone.

Process for turning Messenger’s tracker off in IPHONE.

Now here ends your worry about being tracked by clicking the Messenger’s Location service option to “Never” . Well you don’t have to get worried or concerned about this problem in future until and unless you enable the location service of Messenger .

But still you feel you are getting tracked ?

Don’t worry just disable ‘iPhone’ internet. Or turn your mobile phone off or eject the Sim-card installed inside it.

Now the problem is solved so as ‘Messenger’ will not receive information about you at all . Because  location information , unless you enable location services on your phone for the app. Messenger only receives data about where you are located, if you choose to select and share location on the map..

     2: Tracker location when active or enabled shows the location marker blue on ‘APPLE iPhone’.

Tracker location when active or enabled shows the location marker blue on ‘APPLE IPHONE’.

But if you still have any trouble .Then for your personal safety, I am going to tell you the precautionary steps once again. Please follow it carefully:

  • Open the settings tab within the android app and disable location.
  • Through the default is ‘OFF’ on an ‘iPhone’, You can also disable location tracking in ‘iOS Messenger’ app by going into settings > Privacy> Location> Services> and set the options to “NEVER”.

Tracker location is shown off and disabled in this tracker marker ‘APPLE iPhone’ or iOS.

Suggestion :-

There is a small suggestion for you guys . That is you are advised to check your location tracker symbol when you go through any of your chat threads. For each conversation you do please make sure to check whether the location tracker symbol is shown as on or off mode.



Your location

  1. Checking whether Messenger’s location reporting is enabled or not:                                                  Messenger’s location function or feature should be disabled when you install it. iPhone version of the app simply because of the way it handles permission. With the android version, you have to be little more attentive. On Android you can tell when the service location is on because there will be an icon in your chat windows. If the symbol is blue, it means the location tracker is active. If you see the icon but is grayed out then it means the location tracker is deactivated
  2. Tapping the icons:

You can switch on and off the location manually.

Note: For every new conversation in messenger the location will be enabled .That is it will remain active.

3.Location is enabled

When you tap on the pin icon while using messenger on your iPad, then it will automatically paste your current location in the form of a map into your chat conversation.

If the location is disabled in the iOS messenger app, you will see the following message. On this you will be taken to settings to turn on or enable location .You can do it, I mean you can turn it on only if you wish to do it so.


Location DisabledBecause of the warning message as shown above it becomes difficult to turn on location tracking on your iPhone or iPad.

But you don’t have to worry about it . Wondering why i say this ? Hey geeks i have given you the solution to keep your location a secret .What i mean to say is now you know well to how to disable Facebook Messenger’s Location Tracking on iPhone. I have now given you serious of instructions , precautions and suggestions to be noted by you to stay safe online . You can follow the given guidelines to avoid strangers tracing you by tracking your location.

But this alone will not make sure your safety in web world . Your one wrong step in web world will make you webbed . So enjoy chatting , browsing , connecting with the world with ensuring your personal safety as well .

One important step that you can take today to make sure your safety in internet is turning off your location tracking. Well this information given on ” How to Turn off Facebook Messenger Location Tracking on iPhone ” will help you to do it .