Every person who has ever had a Facebook account and ID must have searched for someone or something. You typically do it on the beautiful feature known as Graph Search. Facebook Graph Search was a semantic web search tool that was introduced to the world by Facebook. It was intended to offer responses to client normal dialect questions instead of a rundown of connections. The Graph Search highlight consolidated the huge information procured from its more than one billion clients and outside information into an internet searcher giving client particular query items.

Now it may also happen that sometimes when you search for a particular someone or a particular something, you do not want anyone else to know about it. So, this is the point where you would typically like to Facebook search history removal, This action is somewhat like when you want to delete the Facebook search history activity log of the pages you have visited on your browser. And, just like you can delete your search history on your browser – whether from the past hour, the past day, the past week, or even from the beginning of time –you can do the same on Facebook.

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Facebook Graph Search is something which is a lot like a browser. Just like the Search Bar in Google, it connects the dots from the mixed bag of information you feed or type in to it to get you results. Now, you would not be able to understand this if you have just used the search bar in your Facebook account to search for specific people like your friends and your family, or for other specific things like schools, colleges, band pages, celebrity pages, pages which support causes or those that are full of fun facts, certain groups you want to be a part of, etc. (The list of possibilities here is endless!) Every time you search for a companion, business, or identity on Facebook, it gets stored on to your browser’s history. Apparently, this makes it simpler for you to discover what you were searching for later without much work. Sadly, the history may be jumbled with questions that don’t oblige access – like somebody you’ve as companion with, or a brand you’re now taking after.

delete facebook search history

However, now you should imagine a situation when your Facebook account is open in front of someone else, maybe a friend, or mom or dad (though word to the wise – this should typically or traditionally not be the case. Just, not a good idea.), and you do not want them to see the history of the people you have searched, or the things, or the groups, whatever it may be. Or maybe, you have the Facebook app on your phone and you want to delete the Graph Search history so that the application can run faster (that is a totally logical explanation for being secretive about your Facebook searches, and a perfect excuse!). So, on the off chance that you indeed are in the need to cutoff a portion of the data, Facebook is keeping about you, or simply clean up the history, what should you do?

How should you clean up your search history?

Don’t worry. The task at hand is pretty simple and the answer is only a couple clicks away. Follow these basic steps:

 Step 1: Log in.

facebook Log InThis is pretty obvious. You need to log in to your Facebook account to access your search history. So please do so.

If you are already logged in on your device –whether it is your PC, or Mac, or your Android phone, or your iPhone, then just go ahead and skip this step. It is redundant anyway.

Step 2: Take your cursor to the upper right corner.

You will find the “Settings” tab in the upper right corner of your Facebook page. Click on this “Settings” tab.

Step 3: You were being watched!

facebook activity log

Pick the Activity Log choice from the Settings menu. This is where all your online digital movement on Facebook, that was monitored, has been stored in a log format.

 Step 4: Want more.

There will be a ‘Photos, Likes, and Comments’ option in the left side of the menu bar. Under this there will be an option called “More”. Click on this “More” option.

 Step 5: Handpicked and Searched.

search - activity log

Under the” More” option, you will find a Search option. Click on Search.

Here is where the history of all you have searched on Facebook till the beginning of time will pop up. This is known as the “hunt history”.

Step 6: To take out individuals.

Individuals can be uprooted by tapping the piece symbol and afterward clicking on the option marked as Remove.

Step 7: Obliterate all!

clear searches

On the off chance that you need to clear every last bit of your delightful hunt history, you should tap on the Clear Searches option that is located at the top.