If you want to add songs, movie, books and other types of content to your iTunes library from The  apple store, you must accept your pc with your The apple ID and security password. However, The the apple company boundaries the number pc techniques that you can accept to five. If you no more own a pc that you’ve formerly approved for iTunes, you can deauthorize it by using another pc with iTunes set up on it. Note that to deauthorize pc techniques you do not have accessibility anymore, you must deauthorize all pc associated with your account.


Step 1

Launch iTunes, simply choose the “iTunes Store” link, and then just click “Sign In” to open a pop-up window with areas for your The apple company ID and security password.
Step 2

Enter your The apple ID and security password in the offered areas. Your The apple ID is the email address associated with your iTunes Store account. Click the “Sign In” key. Your The apple ID now seems to be where the Sign In link was before you signed in.

Step 3

Place your cursor over your The apple ID; a down pointer seems to be. Click the down pointer and choose “Account” from the drop-down choice. A summary of your account details seems to be, with the number pc systems approved with your The apple ID listed in the Pc Authorizations area.

Step 4

Click the “Deauthorize All” key, and then just click “Deauthorize all computers” on the “are you sure you want to deauthorize all of your currently approved computers?” pop-up. A “Deauthorization complete” pop-up seems to be.

Step 5

Click the “OK” key. The computer permission area of the screen now says “0 pcs are approved to play content purchased with this The apple company ID.” You can only deauthorize all pcs once a year, per Apple’s policy.

Reauthorizing Another Computer

Step 1
Open iTunes, and then just click “Store” from the program’s main choice.
Step 2

Select “Authorize This Computer” from the drop-down choice. Your personal computer permission pop-up seems to be.
Step 3
Enter your The apple ID and security password in the areas offered, and then just click “Authorize.” A “Computer permission was successful” pop-up seems to be. Click “OK.”