Though the world tour is a dream for many, world clock is not a dream. Now with Apple watch you can keep an eye on the time at different places of the world. You can know the day and night is moving in every nook and corner of the world with world clock.

For this you have to know How to add and view World clocks on your Apple Watch.

It is so wonderful to know this if are a social being with buddies around the globe. The best reason can be you can wish your friends a greeting on the time. Why I say this is because wishing at 12 o clock on birthday is the best wish but once it spoiled out my day with just Indian timing on my watch. Let it not happen with you. Because it is so easy go steps to do by adding a world clock to impress your mates around the globe.

The world clock on your ‘APPLE Watch’ lets you to keep a track on what time is it in different parts. APP Watch/APPLE Watch is the first and foremost an incredible and accurate timepiece. It does everything a watch should, but in ways no other watch ever has. It is also connected to your calendar and your contacts. So in the addition in showing you the time, Apple watch actually understands, what time means to you. It helps to be more protective and efficient. So you get more options and facilities then desired.

Apple is always a golden feather gadget. All the “world clocks “available on your iPhone can be availed on you ‘Apple watch. Because all those “world clocks” on iPhone is available on your apple watch as it directly pull those to your watch

Anyhow you will be reading this because you want change world clock apple watch. Isn’t it? So you want to get a new world clock even though you may have many or none already. It is simple! As i mentioned already whatever available on iPhone is available on your Apple watch too. So change clock face on apple watch on iPhone makes it accessible on Apple watch too . That is , Adding a new world clock in” Clocks App” on your iPhone will be automatically availed on your application.

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Now here is the ” How to add world clock on  Apple Watch “ manual  .
  • Go to your main menu on Apple iPhone .
  • Now you can find an application with the image of a clock that is the ” Clocks App” . Enter into it by just a finger tap.
  • On the left corner at bottom there you can find “World Clock” . Click on that tab.
  • Now on the top you can find “Edit ” ,  ” World Cock  ” , ” + ” .
  • In this tap on the “+” sign.
  • Now you can see a series of names of city and country . Select one you wish to or  you can also search for your desired country around the globe .

How to add world clock on Apple Watch

If you are lazy to read it just look on the image given and click step by step and refer this article for further understanding and knowledge.

Now you are done with this section . What you have to do to add more world clock is to just repeat the steps we discussed above .

Note – Just check with World Clock app if the time zone you added newly has been synced .

–>  You can also reorder the series of World clock by using the Edit option on the top corner . Arrange the world clock as per your preference .

  •  On the left corner of the top  click the “edit”.
  •  Hold your finger and drag it in a way you want to arrange it .
  •  If you satisfied with the order you did then you are done with it . So click the “Done “button.

reorder the series of World clock

Now here is the ” How to Access world clock on Apple Watch “ manual  .

In order to access the world clock on your Apple watch. First make sure you have done with the steps said above in the section of ” How to add World Clock to Apple Watch ” . If you are done with those step . Now take your Apple watch and open the application “World Clocks App” . You are done with it . In this you can access or view the World clocks you added up on your iPhone.


If you are entered to the app you can now get the more information by tapping on the desired city for which you need the information on your World Clock .

More information on world clock app

From the world clock list you can also know more information like the sunrise and sunset time of your desired city . If you are done with getting more information then just return to the city list by swiping right or you can also Tap (‘<’). You know it right to get back your watch face just press ‘Digital Crown’ .

We are now all set with the knowing of Apple watch world clock complication.