With iOS came Share Sheet Menu customizing options for iPhone/iPad users, using which you could add third party applications to your sharing list, which, in iOS 7 was not an accessible option. No Instagram. No Dropbox. No Pinterest. Besides email, messages, and iCloud, the only third-party options to choose from were Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Vimeo.

The fact that now you can add your most often used applications to your sharing menu, that is other than Apple’s own extensions, is a great sigh of relief in itself.

Let us, now, find out how you can do that.

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How to Customize Share Sheet Menu on iPhone and iPad?

There are a few some ways by which you can manage your share sheet. Let’s get a few things sorted first. Not all the apps in your iPhone are supportive of this feature, so this article is only relevant for the apps that do support it.

Find out what all apps support it –

  • Open an app that has access to Sharing. Click on the share icon (the square with an up arrow). A small window will pop-up which is called the ‘share sheet’ menu.


  • In the share pane, swipe all the way to the right, to the ‘more’ option. Tap on it and an ‘Activities’ menu will appear that has a list of applications.
  • This is the list of apps that have access to the ios sharing extension on your device.

Getting back to customizing:

How to Hide/Unhide Share Sheet Menu on iPhone and iPad

  • The ‘Activities’ sheet that appears when you tap on ‘more’ contains some of Apple’s own extensions like Messages and Mail, and a few third party applications depending on the ones present on your device.



  • The ones that are toggled on (i.e. green) are enabled and can be viewed on your share menu when the share icon is tapped. And, the ones that are toggled off (white) are disabled from being shown in the share pane. What you can do here is that you can choose the apps that you want to allow access to Share Sheet menu by toggling them on and off. Suppose,  like in the screenshot below, we don’t want  ‘Reminders’ to have access to the share sheet menu. We can click on the toggle when green turns white, the app is disabled.

  • Click on Done to save your preferences.

Tada! Now everything you see in your share sheet is of your choice.
Please note: Mail and messages are some of the services that can not be disabled.

How to Rearrange Share Sheet Menu on iPhone and iPad

  • Open an app, the content of which is sharable. Tap on the share icon.
  • Your share menu will appear and the applications you can share your data with will also be visible.
  • Sometimes, there are too many apps enabled (toggled on) on the device, allowing them access to appear on the share sheet menu. In such a case, it’s better to keep the most often used apps towards the front of the list. (here, often used apps are referred to those that are shared most data with)
  • This can be done by long pressing the icon of the app that is to be shifted towards the left(i.e towards the front of the list) until it can be dragged.
  • Alternatively, you can swipe all the way to the right, to the ‘more’ button.

  • In the list[Activities menu] of apps that appears, decide which are the ones that you want at the top. Touch and hold the three horizontal lines(called the hamburger menu icon) in the right corner of the app you want to drag.

Drag it to its desired position and tap on ‘done’ at the top most right corner.

Bingo! The customization has been done. Phew.

Not that big of a deal anymore, is it? Making things so handy and easy to use. This update is surely a breather for all the Apple fanatics.

Because who said sharing is only confined to friends and family. You can also share stuff with yourself by saving something that interests you more than anyone or by adding something to the read-it-later app when there’s no time in hand.

How about you wish to create a note of something important you found on Safari? Just tap on the text you want to save and share it to the built-in Notes app.

text share feature

The built-in Notes app has particularly great share-sheet supportt. You can add photos, text or a URL to an existing note or a new note, straight from the share sheet.


The update in the iOS “share menu” is perhaps all iPhones/iPad’s needed to make the device all the more user-friendly. With iOS being Apple’s latest operating system, it is safe to say that things are just advancing for the consumer, in terms of usability and accessibility. Way to go, Apple!