If you are using Google Chrome, then you must have known about the extensions. Chrome has many extensions which are created by various developers and are available in the Chrome Web Store. Usually, the New Tab page contains the thumbnails of the most frequently/recently visited sites. However, you can customize your New Tab page. There are many extensions which are used to customize the New Tab page. One of them is “Jot”. Jot is an extension which allows you to take notes on the New Tab page and also adds a beautiful background image to it.

In this article, we are going to talk about the Jot extension and how to use it.

How to Create & Store Short Notes on Google Chrome with Jot

Installing Jot:

  1. Go to the Chrome Web store.
  2. Search the store for Jot extension.
  3. Click on Jot and then click on “Add To Chrome”.

Now, Jot is successfully installed on your Chrome browser.

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How To Use Jot:

After installing the extension, then opening a New Tab shows you the Jot screen.

  • In this screen, you can type short notes and reminders. These act as reminders when you open the New Tab page How to Create & Store Short Notes on Google Chrome with Jot
  •  The notes which you enter are stored in the Chrome. They are not lost even if you close the Chrome or shut down your computer
  • The notes appear whenever you open the New Tab page.
  • And each time you open the New Tab, the background image of the Jot screen changes
  • You can remove the notes you made by clicking on the “Clear” which is present at the top right corner of your Jot screen How to Create & Store Short Notes on Google Chrome with Jot
  • You can also access all your Chrome apps by clicking “Apps” present at the top left corner of your Jot screen

In this article, we have seen how to install and use the Jot extension on Chrome. Thank you for reading.