Scared of online phishing? Troubled with a blocked credit card? Do not like sharing such personal information online? Or just too young or outright broke to even consider having a credit card in the first place?
Yet, you need an Apple ID Without Using your Credit Card!
Here’s what you should do:

For people using iTunes on their Computers at home, the following steps are explicitly for you to set up apple id without credit card:

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Step 1. Open iTunes.

Open iTunes

To create an Apple ID [with or without a credit card], you first have to make sure that you have an account that is valid on the iTunes store.

Since, the following tips only work for people with new Apple IDs, if you have a previous ID, ignore it!

You will, most likely be required to create a new Apple ID. OK?

Step 2. Open your iTunes Store.

Open your iTunes Store.

Click either the Music or even the Apps button that is present in the upper-left corner of your iTunes window.

You will see the “iTunes Store” tab on the top. Click this tab to open your iTunes store.


Step 3. Verify your region.

Verify your region.


You will find a flag icon in the lower right corner of your screen once you have successfully opened the iTunes store. Make sure the flag of your nationality is depicted there. In case it is not, click on the icon to choose the country you are from.

 Step 4. Find something to download.

Find something to download

This can be a song, a video, or even an app. In order to create your account, you will need to first download something. Go to the “Top Free” category and download something of your choice. Absolutely it’s Free of charge!

 Step 5. Get.


The moment you click “Get” under the icon of the thing you want to download, you will be asked to create an Apple ID. Now the magic begins.

Step 6. Be creative.

Be creative

Now you have to actually create your Apple ID. Create one according to your preference.


Step 7. Continue.


Now you need to accept the “Terms and Conditions”. When you have, click Continue.


Step 8. Details please?

 Details please

Now you are required to fill in personal details – name, email address, etc.

Do NOT fill in fake details. You are calling out for an inconvenient situation, if you do.

If you fill in fake details, there is no way you can confirm your Apple ID, AND SO IT WILL NOT BE ACTIVATED.

Step 9. Better be safe than sorry.

Better be safe than sorry

When memory fails and you really need to log in, this is what you will need – Security info! Fill it in.

 Step 10. Dodge the bullet.

Dodge the bullet

Now is the time to get beyond the credit card crap. Select “None” as your payment method.

It’s as simple as that!

Step 11. Provide information.

Provide information.

You will be requested to fill in Billing address, etc. Do this. Even though you won’t be billed, this information is required.

Step 12. The last mile.

The last mile.

Review your information to make sure it is correct. Click “Verify” And then click “Create Apple ID”. And that’s it. You’re done!


Now, for the iPhone users who get through life on their smart phones, here are the instructions for you:

Step 1. Sign out of your existing Apple ID if you have one.

This is a most crucial step. Otherwise, if your previous Apple ID has credit card details attached, your new downloads will get billed to that.


Step 2. Check in.

sign in for iphone users

Now go to the App store, and sign in again.

Tap the “Free” button. This will then morph itself into an “Install” button.

To start the download, tap this install button.

Here you will be asked to select an option. Select “Create New Apple ID.”

Create New Apple ID

Step 3. What country are you from?


You are now required to choose your country of origin. The list of all the countries will appear on your screen. Choose your country from the list on options. Then click “Next” to continue.

Step 4. Tap that.

Agree to terms and conditions

You are now required to agree to the terms of service that Apple wishes to provide. Tap “Agree” twice to do this successfully.

[P.S. Do not forget to read the Terms of Service provided. On that unlucky off-chance that you do not agree to a term, you don’t want to accept it. However, this also means that you don’t get your Apple ID.]

Step 5. Provide Information.

fill out the informations

You will now be asked to enter a lot of personal information – email ID, date of birth, name, etc.

Answer the questions truthfully. Entering wrong and invalid information is not going to help you because you will not be able to confirm your identity to Apple later. This means, that you will not be able to use the ID you have created and it will be defunct.

Step 6. Choose “None”.

choose none

You will be requested for a payment method. Choose the option “None” since you do not wish to give your credit card details.

But don’t forget to give a billing address. This is still needed.

Step 7. Verify.

You will now receive a confirmation email on the email ID you have just provided. Click on the link provided to check your email ID.

Step 8. The new you.

After verification, you can create a new username and password. It is probably wise to do so.

Step 9. Sign in again.

Sign in to iTunes Store

You are required to sign in once more with your newly created Apple ID. Do so and enjoy the benefits!