You are one of those people in the world who had given in to peer pressure and now needs an Apple ID really desperately. However, you have no idea how to Create an Apple ID.

Well, stop worrying. This article has formally come to your rescue!

[DISCLAIMER: For people using iTunes on their Computers at home, sorry. This article is not for you. Better luck next time. If you still want this article to be beneficial to you, go out and get an iPhone, an iPad, or an iPod Touch will do the trick too!]

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Step 1: Switch on your Apple device – your most cherished iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Well obviously, you cannot expect this to work when your device is switched off do you? Switch it on! Otherwise, keep dreaming about being able to follow up with the remaining steps.

 Step 2: Go to the App Store.

It’s time to hit the App store people! Because where else do you think you will get to create your Apple IDs?

 Step 3. Check in.

check in


Once you have visited the app store, you will be required to sign in. Do so. Now, you are required to download a song or a video or even an app to be able to go forward with the process of set up new apple id.

Step 4: Select something.

Select something you want to download. This could be anything, it doesn’t really matter.

Step 5: Freebies.

Once you have selected the item you wish to download, you will find a button with “Free” written on it. This is the “Free” button. Tap the “Free” button.

Step 6: Metamorphosis.

After you have tapped the “Free” button, it will then morph itself into an “Install” button.

Step 7: Initiate download.

To start the download, tap this install button.

Step 8: The main choice.

The main selection

A smaller, whiter, brighter window will pop up on your screen. It will have a list of options. Here you will be asked to select an option. Select “Create New Apple ID.”

 Step 9: What country do you originate from?

This is where you are supposed to be proud of your nationality.

You are now required to choose your country of origin. The list of all the countries will appear on your screen. Choose your country from the list on options. Then click “Next” to continue.

However, if your country of origin is different from the country of residence, or if you have the citizenship of different countries, go ahead and exert your free will! You have the power to choose the country of your choice, and be associated to it with your Apple ID.

Step 10: Tap that once. Tap that twice.

Tap that once. Tap that twice.

This is basically where you agree with the esteemed Apple.

You are now required to agree to the terms of service that Apple wishes to give. Tap “Agree” twice to do this successfully.

[P.S. Do not forget to read the Terms of Service provided. On that unlucky off-chance that you do not agree to a term, you don’t want to accept it. However, this also means that you don’t get your Apple ID.]


Step 11: Provide Your Personal Information.

Provide Your Personal Information

You will now be asked to enter a lot of personal information – email ID, date of birth, name, etc.

Answer the questions truthfully. Entering wrong and invalid information is not going to help you because you will not be able to confirm your identity to Apple later. This means, that you will not be able to access the ID you have created and it will be defunct.

 Step 12: Choose a way to pay. [You can also choose not to do so.]

Choose a way to pay. [You can also choose not to do so

You will be asked for a payment method. Choose the option “None” if you do not wish to provide your credit card details.

If you actually want to pay up like a good man or a good woman, go ahead and add to the economy and make the world a richer place! Give them your preferred payment method so that they can take your money the way you want them too!

Step 13: Where should it, or should it not be billed to?

You need to now provide a billing address. Even if you selected “None” as your payment option, this is a mandatory step.

 Step 14: Verify.

You will now receive a confirmation email on the email ID you have just provided. Click on the link provided to verify your email ID.

After verification, you can create a new username and password. It is probably wise to do so.

Step 15: Sign in again.

Sign in again.

You are required to sign in once more with your newly created Apple ID. Do so and enjoy the benefits!