Think do you need a Guest Network!!!

At times there occurs the real need for creating Guest network. It can be for many personal reasons we have. It is commonly seen that we are in the immediate need to set up a Guest network at many instances.

Some times at our organization and sometime at our home too.  We often get guest at our home on holidays. Isn’t it? Yea. And we would like to be the best to them .But however when they ask for internet access we become upset and will give an evil grin at them.

When there comes a feel that we don’t want to disappoint our guest by saying “No” to their need to use internet but meanwhile we don’t want them to enter into our privacy or to give them a glimpse of our personal files. So here comes the need to create a Guest Network Access.

Why Guest Network – Any Good reasons!

  1. My Privacy is Always Mine :

By Creating a Guest Network you are increasing your security by ensuring your privacy is just yours. By making use Guest Networks you are saving your network computers, printers, storage appliances, servers from the reach of third person. Also you reduce the chance of allowing Trojans and malware that can attack and cause a crucial problem to your network of computers.

Not only this, you are also able to keep your primary network’s security password safe. Because you can’t keep changing your password always and always after the exit of each user, so the best and most practical way is by creating a guest network.

  1. Less Risky and More Convenient

Mainly the sort of encryption algorithm determines the security of a wireless transmission. Entering into a Guest network makes things more convenient. You are advised to change your security code of the guest network from time to time .And give the password to the guest in printed slip. Thus you are avoiding risk of getting your primary network on trouble of being attacked. Here things are less risky as I said.

  1. Get Control of the Network usage.

None of us will be pretty willing to give away our network in its full speed to the Guest and to spend again for accessing internet for our need with time effectiveness. So we are getting irritated mostly with the act that guest using our network without any limits and we are left empty. A guest network solves this problem. You can limit the use of internet resources. They will be given a reasonable access with reasonable speed in a way we are not in a loss economically.

So now you know that there is a sense in Creating a Guest Network.

How to Create Guest Network on Mac OS X”?

Here we are going to discuss about “How to Create Guest Network on Mac OS X ”

This has some pre requisites. Have a look on it: –

For this, you obviously need to have a Mac, and the prerequisite does not just stop there. You also have to make sure that your Mac runs on OS X. If it does not, you should upgrade the OS on your Mac, or maybe even get a new Mac computer.

Now, sometimes you need to add a guest network on your Mac OS X. So, how do you go about creating a guest network on your Mac that runs on OS X?

This can be served best if you have AirPort Extreme or Time Capsule. This helps Apple’s AirPort Utility to enable to set up or to create a Guest network .Thus you can stop worrying.

Here are the steps to be followed to create a Guest Network on your Mac OS X –

STEP 1 – Bring up Spotlight search on your Mac OS X . Hope you know to do it. But still if you don’t have any idea about how to do it just follow this instruction .On your Keyboard (Mac keyboard i mean ) type Command+Space . Thus you are done with the step

STEP 2 – Let’s move to the step 2 , here you got to type AirPort Utility and once you got it either tap enter on your keyboard to select it or select it by clicking on it .

create guest network on mac os x -Airport Extreme

STEP 3 – Click on the image of the main AirPort Base station. Here you will get a pop-up menu. Scroll to step 4 now for further instructions.

STEP 4 – On the pop up menu, you have to click on Edit option.

Edit -Guest network on Mac OS X

STEP 5 – We are almost about to complete our task. So now this time you have to select on the Wireless tab. By this we are moving to our last step to complete setting up a Guest network on your Apple device.

STEP 6 – Switch to Enable Guest Network on your Mac OS X. After this you can give a name to your newly created Guest network and from the pop-up menu of Guest Network Security you can select the suitable security protocol and then give a password for the same.

You are done with creating a Guest Network on your Mac OS X.