How to Copy Parental Controls From One Account to Another on Mac

Parental controls are features that let parents restrict the access of some specific content to their children. Parental controls can nowadays be found on computers,mobile devices,video games,software,internet surfing,etc. Apple’s Mac OS comes with built in parental control settings to manage what a particular user can and can not do on your Mac. This feature comes in real handy when you have multiple users and a single Mac. The parental setting feature on Mac let’s you do the following things :

  • Apps –  You can specify which apps your child can use/use. Further you can also specify a permitted app rating so the child only sees age appropriate apps in the app store.
  • Web Surfing – You can specify which websites your child can use. Or you can allow unrestricted access too.
  • Time Limit – You can limit the time for which your child gets to use your Mac. In case of multiple users you can make sure each one gets to use it for the same period. You can set limits for weekdays,weekends,etc.
  • Others –  Also you can restrict child’s contact to other people. Block using the in-built camera. Changing passwords,etc.

How Good are Mac Parental Controls?

If you are among those parents who lets the kids log in to your mac then it is a good idea to restrict their access to certain things using parental controls. This not only ensures your safety but theirs too. Things can get pretty nasty if the kids don’t have any kind of limitations and are allowed to do as they feel fit and want to. Although most children are able to use the internet without running into any problems but you never know. And more importantly are you willing to take a chance?  The internet is dark and full of terrors (Geddit?)

Why to copy Parental Control Settings To Multiple Users

Also if you happen to have more than one kid, Mac OS let’s you copy parental settings from one of your kids accounts to another. This feature on Mac OS X is guaranteed to save you a lot of time. You are saved from the hassle of configuring each user account manually which is a pain sometimes. Also it ensures that each of your kid is handled in the same way. This way none of your kid will come asking “Why is he/she allowed to do something and not me?! :/”

It works the same way for network administrators. Network Administrators over see a large variety/number of machines in a school or institution. And have to keep the guest users from over stepping their boundaries. Imagine the trouble these Network administrators would have to go through in configuring each Parental Setting! This kinda situations are when this feature is most helpful.

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How to Copy Parental Controls From One Account to Another on Mac

Follow the below step by step guide and copy parental settings from one user account to another :

  1. Enter System Preferences on your Mac by clicking on the Apple logo in the top left corner of your screen and From the menu click on “System Preferences…”.How to Copy Parental Controls From One Account to Another on Mac
  2. From the system settings panel click on Parental Controls. This is where you can add/manage parental controls for various accounts on your Mac.How to Copy Parental Controls From One Account to Another on Mac
  3. Click on the padlock icon at the bottom of the panel. A pop-up asking for Admin user name and Password will appear. Enter those details and click on the blue Unlock button. Now you will be able to Add and Modify Parental control settings.How to Copy Parental Controls From One Account to Another on Mac
  4. From the sidebar click on the account name for which you have already set/enabled/configured Parental Settings and wish to copy the same.  Once you have selected the user account,click on the Settings icon (the gear icon) on the bottom of the sidebar. Now from the drop down list of options select the first one that is ” Copy Settings for (user name) ”  [The username being the same as the one you have selected]How to Copy Parental Controls From One Account to Another on Mac
  5. Further single click on the user account name you want to set the same Parental Settings for from the sidebar to select it. Next click on the button that says “Enable Parental Controls“. The Enable Parental Controls option can be found by clicking on the settings icon below.How to Copy Parental Controls From One Account to Another on Mac
  6. Once the parental settings are enabled for the new account,click on the settings icon for the second time. And This time choose “Paste Settings to (User Name)” [User name being the same as you have selected from the side bar,the new one.]How to Copy Parental Controls From One Account to Another on Mac
  7. This will as expected Paste the Parental Settings that you copied from the previous user account to the new one. With settings now pasted finally click on the open Padlock icon in the bottom right corner to prevent any further changes and save the ones that you just made.That’s It.

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So as you read above it is not very difficult to quickly copy over some Parental Control settings from one user account to another. Do give this feature a try if you want to make managing multiple accounts easier and let us know in the comments below.