How To Copy All or Selected Links On a Web Page in Firefox

It is always great to have a few shortcuts that make using your computer more efficient. Be it combination keys or third party extensions/addons in your web browsers. Extensions not only enhance the user experience but also save a lot of time and energy. The availability of this wide range of extensions is what makes Chrome and Firefox the most popular and used browsers over other browsers like Internet Explorer (Now known as Microsoft Edge) and Opera.

Okay imagine this you are at a web page,let’s say reading a forum post with multiple links to other web pages. And suddenly you get a call and you gotta run somewhere. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could copy all the links and store it somewhere for future use? Yes there is always the option to bookmark the webpage and comeback later when you have more time. But what if you wanna share those links with a friend or a colleague? There is the manual way of doing it. Where you select each link,copy it and paste somewhere. Let’s be honest it is a little annoying (just imagine how many times you are gonna have to do ctrl + c and ctrl + v) and a lot time-consuming.

How to Copy All Links on a Web Page in Firefox

Like this we often find ourselves in need to open or copy multiple links from a webpage. Sometimes all. Data entry and database maintenance workers experience this problem a lot. Students too when they have to collect information for one of their school projects. Also cut the hassle of blogs and social media links in the quote. Having a hack or an extension to do that for us would be a blessing and fortunately we do. Firefox’s addon market has more than a few extensions to let us Copy All the links (URLs) with a single click and So here in this article I list a few of them down :

1) Copy URLs Expert

Copy URLs Expert is a tiny & good extension for Firefox to copy website page URLs with, which you can add to the browser from here. Once installed you will need to restart Firefox,it runs real smoothly after that. Like most other extensions,it adds a Copy URLs Expert icon on the browser’s toolbar for easy access. It can also be accessed by a simple right click anywhere on the web page.

The Firefox extension provides a few possibilities when copying links.

  1. Copy urls of all tabs from every opened window.
  2. Copy urls of all tabs only in the current window.
  3. Copy urls of all tabs only in the current tab group.
  4. Copy urls of all links in the selection.
  5. Copy urls of all images in the selection.

Not only that it also let’s you open multiple/all the links from a given web page at once using “Open Tabs“. Now how helpful is that? Wait for it. You can also customize the format with which your links are copied to the clipboard. Following parameters allow you to customize each url:

$url – Actual link e.g.
$title – Title of the tab e.g. Google
$n – New Line.
$index – Serial some link.
$date – Today’s date

You can also customize the default action of the toolbar button. For Example : By default it is set to copy all the URLs from all tabs in the active window. You can change it to copy URLs from all open windows,from tabs in a certain tab group or only the current tab.

If you happen to be a keyboard ninja and prefer using key combinations over mouse clicks then you can assign Different shortcut keys to every possible way of copying links. All the possibilities have been listed above. What else can you possibly ask for?

2) FireLink

Firefox users can also copy multiple links using FireLink extension. This extension adds a nice little FireLink sub menu to the context menu (accessed by right clicking anywhere on a webpage) from which you can select numerous options. Head on to this page on the Mozilla site and click on download button to install it.

To do the real copy open a few tabs,right-click anywhere on a web page and specify the link format from the context menu. Now open a word processor and press “Ctrl + V” to paste the copied content. Along with the URLs,FireLink also copies their titles from the webpage making it easier to find later. Like the previous extension, FireLink also allows you to customize the way your links get copied. FireLink has support for HTML,Markdown, MeidaWiki, PukiWiki,etc.

Further you can configure what each option copies. To do so enter Settings from the FireLink’s menu. If you wish to remove page titles from the plain text URLs,delete %text%n from its format. Now the format changes to %url% which will only copy the URLs and not the titles.


Let us know which is your favorite Firefox Extension to copy all URLs from a web page in the comments below.

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