How to Change or Convert Live Photos to Still on Mac Photos App

We all love to see our photos in a big screen of Mac. Looking through some Live photos available in our photo library remains our past time most of the time. If you want the Live picture to use , take the cursor over the picture. But sometimes , we may feel quite annoying. Hence , we can also change the Live photos to still images for a clear and comfortable viewing.

For people who are new or beginners , Live Photos are nothing but a Pair of High Quality Still Videos and Frames. Now let us look into the details of toggling between Live and still photos in Mac.

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Steps To Change Live Photos to Still in Photos for Mac:

  • To start with launch “Photos app” on your Mac.
  • Select the photos that you wish to change from live to still on your Mac’s Photos App. To do this hover your mouse cursor on the image . It becomes alive if it is live.
  • Right click on the selected image.
  • Click “Turn Off Live Photo” option in the menu.

How to Convert Live Photos to Still on Mac Photos App

But if you feel you want the still photo to be live and change it look out for the step by step instruction below.

How to Turn ON Live Photos in Mac :

  • The process to turn on a photo to live is not much difficult at all. The steps are easy.
  • Launch “Photos App” on your Mac.
  • Hover on the image you want to turn live.
  • Right click on the image to “Turn on Live Photo”.

How to Convert Live Photos to Still on Mac Photos App

Mac Photos App users can also select all the Live photos at once and toggle the video playing ability off. But working with one photo at a time will be best and easy.

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Mac’s Photo app lets you to turn on a photo live and switch it back to still with ease. we don’t need help of any other external app. You can also using some third-party software easily transform the photos per your wish. Apart from these there lots of upgrade in the Mac with respect to Photos App which makes it worth trying and exploring our editing skills. With this feature , you can hide your photos and maintain privacy big time.