I am hereby explaining you that how to connect iPhone, iPad through internet. Let see how I connect my  iPhone, connect iPad to WiFi  or iPod Touch device to wireless network and the Internet  by using the steps.

iPhone, iPad or iPod

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Step 1:

Select settings icon on the Home screen.

Step 2:

Select Wi-Fi.

Step 3:

The slide shows the networks are listed on the home screen select or tap any one of the network you like to join.


Suppose if networks are not listed in home screen or in open windows type the network which you wish to join in start window and select the security type.

Step 4:

After selecting the Wi-Fi network it requires password and just type the password and click start or connect button.

Now your iPhone, iPad device is connected to Wi-Fi through internet. Still if your iPhone not connecting to WiFi for connected through network. Just go to settings select general and click reset finally click Reset Network settings and again try to connect to the other network.