How to connect Bluetooth Headset with Android Wear

How to connect Bluetooth Headset with Android Wear

Google has launched its wearable platform, Android wear  which comes as a competitor with more than few novel features. Moreover, Google and LG have launched their two smart watches to show-off what exactly can they do. The Android Wear version 2.0 has come up with the biggest ability to run native applications without the smartphone around the outstanding improvement over the version 1.5 and an added source for the Google’s smartwatch operating system. There are many other features that have come to limelight. They are the embedded Play Store, welcome update to Google Fit and the customization watch Face Complications.

 Android Wear Key Features

Although Android Wear shares a name with standard Android, the layout of the user interface is different as it is designed for smaller devices with hands-free use.

Android Wear has the ability to take over some of your mobile’s handiest features. It predominantly acts an associate to boost up your mobile’s notifications. You need not look in your pockets just to see that someone has liked one your posts.

Android Wear interface is now better than ever it is with the update to Android wear 2.0. It’s based on the Material Design, implementing the flatter icons, dark themes and making a readable interface which need not be stared for minutes. Notifications look better than before which expand on tapping a small icon and not occupying the screen. Navigation is done by swiping left or right on the watch face. Swiping up displays the notifications and swiping down shows the settings screen. Pressing main button displays apps list.

Android Wear not only includes the notifications that you’re used to watching on your phone but also delivers some thoughtful messages and personalized notifications. If you’re traveling to a new place, it will automatically set you with weather. It tells out which sports team you are fond of based on your Google searches and shows you the real-time sports scores. You can even send texts and type notes from your wrists using app or “Smart Replies”.

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 Android Wear Offline Music and Bluetooth features

Android Wear 2.0, an update to 1.5, allows you to use your smartwatch as a standalone audio player with no smartphone required. But how do you get the  tracks into your device’s storage and how to pair your watch to Bluetooth headphones? Let’s see this now.

Firstly, Go to Settings > About on your watch and make sure that you’re running Android Wear 4.4W.2. Now as you’re running the latest OS, you need to check if you’re running the latest version of Play Music on mobile. Once you’ve cross checked and verified if that you have updated your music application, go to your Android Wear app, and under Settings > Resync Apps.

How to Pair?

Later go back to your watch, and launch the Play Music. To launch the application, you can issue an “OK Google” voice prompt and then say “PLAY MUSIC”. And then you’ll be informed by a message that says you don’t have any music tracks in your watch.

 You need to enable “Download to Android Wear” in your phone’s Play Music settings, and it directly provides a button to connect to this setting. Press the button under the Settings category, check the box under Download to android wear.

 Next step is to Download music to your watch. In the track display, you need to go to individual music file or album in the play music and select download option. When you’re loading tracks in your watch from Play Music, you need to remember that your watch’s total capacity is 4GB for

  ” You have less than 4GB on your watch for music storage.” — This is shown on your wearable device.

Pairing Stage

Even if you load few albums, you’ll overload your storage capacity, and should wait a long time for songs to transfer over Bluetooth. You’ll have to pair Bluetooth headphones  to listen to track as the watch doesn’t include a headphone jack. You’ll be displayed with a message like – ” No Sound devices connected. Go to Settings.

When you select the teal button,  a Bluetooth pairing interface appears on the screen as shown above. If your headphones are in pairing mode, you’ll see them in your devices list displayed on the screen. Now choose them to pair when the Bluetooth is not down. While pairing a watch, it is paired with the headphones but not mobile. You can use it during your exercise sessions and need not carry a phone for this purpose.

Play Music App

In order to go through the artists, you need to swipe up and down. One can view the album listings by swiping left and right. To remove the tracks from your watch, follow these. Go back to Play Music on your phone. Search for the album or track to delete and click on the download option again. It is as simple as that.

There are also devices which come up with an app for your watch like the heart rate monitors. If you have any of these, open it’s app in your watch. Follow the instructions given above to pair the accessory with your watch.

Additional Features

Android comes with Spotify app that lets you skip and pause tracks which are actually playing on other device. The version 1.0 requires to download the apps from phone. Android Wear version 2.0 allows you to use a version of the Google Play Store directly from watch.

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Although the Android Wear is similar across all the devices, hardware varies a lot. Buy an Android Wear within budget and enjoy the new upgraded version.

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