is actually a highly effective web app for compress and optimize image file size, and images while keeping a high quality for the nearly no distinction before and after compression. is similar to the JPEGMini for compress image file size, however this one facilitates much more file formats. Other than compress JPEG file size, furthermore, it works with PNG, GIF and SVG file formats. and offers two types of compressions like Lossless or Lossy. is absolutely free and works for the image files of up to 10MB.

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How to Compress Image Files :

Simply go to the website and then upload your image file from your computer, the webapp will process it in certain secs, and informing you the original as well as the new file size. There is additionally a nice preview screen that you can slide back as well as forward to find out the original and the new file, simply to check file quality loss.

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It takes less than a minute with the web app to compress your image file. Following that, it’ll redirect anyone to the page exactly where your compressed image has been shown. You could then decide to download and save the compressed image file on your computer, Dropbox or Google Drive.

Conclusion: is actually a good tool for compress image online. Considering that it’s a web app, you no need to download or install anything. It’s extremely easy to work with and it also may easily compress your images without any quality loss.