As the topic suggests it would’ve been clear of what this article is about. Windows is one of the most used platforms on Desktops and laptops. It is pretty easy to use and comes in with loads of features to make our work easier.

But quite often everyone comes in with a problem or issue about any feature they want to enable and disable. Or as simple as just finding a certain setting in the control panel. Here we will list some of common issues that are faced by the users and how to resolve them. These are applicable to all the latest Windows OS’s like 7, 8.1, and 10 unless specified.

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Some Common Windows Problems and solutions

Drive not showing in File Explorer

There are times when you open up the File Explorer and can’t find one or multiple drives. In situations like these you might think of checking the wiring and plugging of the Hard Drive in your computer. But the problem might not be there. First just try to refresh the explorer or restart the computer.

If this doesn’t work then we would have to make some edits in Computer Management. Simply search it in the start menu or you can open it through Run. Press “Windows key + R” and type in compmgmt.msc to open it up. Then select the “Disk Management” option from the left and right click on the disk that is not visible.

Click on “Change drive letter and paths..” from the menu and choose a different letter to represent the disk. After saving the setting it should show the disk drive partition in the File Explorer.

Search missing in Start Menu

There might be times when any program or yourself would’ve disabled the search option in the start menu. But don’t worry it is pretty simple to get it back to where it was.

Go to the Control panel from the Start Menu and choose the “Uninstall a program option”. On the left side with the extra options you will find “Turn Windows features on or off”. Clicking on it will open another box; go to the bottom where you will find the unchecked option for Windows Search. Click on the check box and restart your computer.

Files does not open in default program

When you install new software it might remove the default similar programs from place. Most of them also take the permission to be set as default during installation. And it can be frustrating in choosing the required program to open a file every time.

But it is pretty simple to fix a program for a file type without going much deep. Right click on the file of that type and in “Open with” option choose “Choose default program”.

You can choose the required program from the provided list. After choosing the program tick on the provided check box in the bottom “Always use the selected program” and you’re done.

Windows keeps on going to Sleep mode

You have to visit the Control panel again to resolve this issue. And assign what time you want the computer to turn off the screen or put it to sleep mode. Go to Control Panel > Hardware and sound > Power options. Or you can simply use the Run and type in “powercfg.cpl”.


Click on the “Change plan settings” or on “Change when the computer sleeps” option. You will be taken to the Edit Plan page, wherein you can set the required time or put it to “Never”.

Windows Slideshow not working

The Windows or Desktop slideshows makes your desktop look more cool and alive. But sometimes when you set your computer on a power saving option it can get disabled. And you might not find the option to enable it again on the desktop itself.

Wndows slideshow not working

But it is not at all difficult. As we said it might be disabled due to power saving so we can go to the power saving options again. That is in the Control panel, in the Hardware and sound like we did in the previous one. There in the “Change plan settings” you have to go into advanced options.  And as you can see in the screenshot above you have to set the Slideshow option to “Available” mode that’s all.

Windows taking time to go to Sleep mode

This one is a little different and is not talking about how long it automatically goes to sleep. Here we are talking about how long it takes the computer to go to Sleep once the command is given. Usually it takes 3-5 seconds to go to the sleep mode and the same to wake up when any key pressed. If it is taking more than 10 seconds it might be because hybrid sleep is activated.

So the same way in the previous two we have to go to the Power saving options. In the “Change Plan settings”, go to the advance options. Down in the list you will find “Sleep” , expand it and set “Allow Hybrid sleep” off.

Windows keeps waking up from Sleep mode

Windows might wake up from the Sleep because of two reasons. It might be hardware, like your mouse or keyboard or any software that wakes it up for tasks. If you press any key or click while Windows is in Sleep mode it will wake up.

You can find out if it any hardware problem by unplugging them and seeing which one wakes it up. To stop any software from doing so, go to the power settings and into the advanced plan setting as in earlier. In the list under the Sleep option, disable the “Allow wake timers” option which will prevent programs from waking Windows up.

Changes not reflected in files and folders

When problems like these occur, the best thing to do is refresh the page or close the window and open it again. You might’ve renamed a folder or change the way it should be aligned. Refreshing it solves half of the problems and gives Windows time to sync the changes and show them up.

Disable background apps (Windows 10)

Your PC might be running slow or the internet speed might be getting sucked up by background apps. Most of these might be the ones that you don’t even use. It is pretty easy to selectively disable the ones that you want to deny permissions to.

Bakcground programs Windows 10

Go to Start Menu>Settings. Therein go into Privacy and select the “Background apps” tab from the left. You will get the list from where you can turn off the background processes permissions. It won’t affect your experience with the apps until you want regular notifications from it.

Hibernate Mode missing

If you want to put your PC into Hibernate mode but are unable to find it here is how to go about it. If you’re using Windows 7 go to the power option in control panel like we did in earlier ones. You can do so by typing in “powercfg.cpl” in Run or going to Hardware and sounds.

There, you have to click on “Change what power buttons do” which you can find on the left side. Under “When I press the sleep button” choose Hibernate.

If you want the Hibernate option in Windows 10 then on the same power options page click on “Change settings that are currently unavailable”. Therein you just have to click on the Hibernate checkbox.

Enable Delete confirmation box (Windows 8.1, 10)

In Windows 8.1 and 10 if you delete something the confirmation box does not seem by default. It moves the file to the Recycle bin even though you pressed the delete key accidentally.

So to activate the confirmation to delete right click on Recycle bin and select properties. Then click on “Display delete confirmation dialog” checkbox and apply the settings.

Automatically sign in (Windows 10)

To do so you have to go to the User account settings. It can get frustrating to give in the password and username every time you start the computer. To open the User account settings go to Run and type in “netplwiz”.

There you will find a checkbox “Users must enter a user name and password..” under the Users tab. Uncheck the box and all the added users won’t have to enter the password when Windows start.

“There is a problem with this website’s security certificate” error

This error can occur when you open up a website and its license is out of date. But usually that’s not the case. But most of the times your computer date and time is set to a past or future date that does not fall in. So all you have to do is correct your Window’s date correctly.

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If every time you start your computer the date is messed up to a previous one this means that the battery for this is dead. There is a small clock battery that keeps track of time when the computer is off.