A good combination of colors and shades can make anything look beautiful and highly attractive. The perfect color combinations are needed in all fields; product designing, website’s backgrounds, user interfaces etc. Here we are going to talk about a free web app, Color Hunt, which is a social platform to share. But it is not an ordinary one. Color Hunt is for everyone who loves colors. It is a place where the users create their own color palettes and share it with everyone else. You can visit Color Hunt here http://www.colorhunt.co/.

It was created by Gal Shir for his love for colors. It is a perfect platform for people to upload their combinations and receive appreciation on it. And the best part is you don’t have to create an account to create or appreciate others work.

Color Hunt

You can upvote the ones that you like on the website. All you have to do is click on the Heart icon in the bottom of the palette. You don’t have to make any accounts or log in to the website to do so. The voting will be kind of anonymous and only the number of votes or likes are displayed.

When you visit Color Hunt you will find 4 tabs on the top. All of them contain only the color palettes created by users but in different order and preferences. Like the first tab ‘New’ contains newly made color palettes that were shared on it recently. The ‘Hot’ and ‘Popular’ ones contain the palettes that received much love from users and are perfectly matching. The last tab ‘Random’ would display them randomly without considering the number of likes they have.

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Create your own Color palette

If you click on the 3 lines icon on the top right corner you will receive some pretty useful options. The first interesting option that you would get is ‘Create’. Creating your own color palette and sharing it is very easy and fun. In the Create window you will be given a square divided into four parts horizontally. You can click on each part and choose the colors you want in it. When you click on any part, a color box will appear on the right from where you can choose the preferable shade.

The moment you are finished with filling in the colors you can click ‘Done’ and it will be posted on the visitor screen. But there is no direct way to track your created color palettes and having them in your profile or something like that. But yes you can save the URLs of the palettes that you create. Each color palette has a different URL so you can save or bookmark the ones that you have created and view them later. Still it is very exciting to create new color combinations and share it with all the hunters out there. You might someday see it on the top of the popular list, you never know.

The second option you see is ‘Likes’. Therein you can have a list of palettes created by other users, the ones that you have liked in the past.

Chrome extension

As you would be able to see in that list of option, there is an option ‘Add to Chrome’. Yes you guessed that right; Color Hunt is not just a web app but also has a Chrome extension. You can add it from this link (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/color-tab/hchlgfaicmddilenlflajnmomalehbom?hl=en) or search ‘Color tab’ in the Chrome Store. It changes your new tab window to one of the color palettes that are posted on Color Hunt. It makes your new tab window look very cool and attractive.

Hex codes

If you have visited the website and tried the web app already you would notice that some codes are displayed on the colors. These small alphanumeric codes are displayed when you hover your mouse pointer over a portion of a color palette. These are codes for that particular shade of the color chosen. You can copy that code and paste it in other software or your palette to use that same shade of color.

You follow Color Hunt’s Facebook page or their twitter account. The links to that are on their website itself. They keep posting palettes and fun relating stuff on their accounts. If you have any feedback or questions you can contact them on the same. All the palettes that you would find on this websites are created by the users only. The website is maintained and is made functional by the developer. You can follow Gal Shir on his personal accounts to know about the latest updates on the website or techniques.

The website is great and the concept in itself is pretty amazing. If anyone needs to build up something new and need color matching suggestions this is the perfect place. Not only that, it is pretty fun for the users themselves to create new palettes so easily.