How to Clear RAM and Speed up Your iPhone/iPad Without Rebooting

There are times when your mobile device gets slow. Here we are going to talk about only iOS devices like iPhones, iTouch and iPads. Most of these times may occur when you have browsed through a lot of apps simultaneously for longer periods. Some applications can run background processes just to make your experience better. But this can cause an increase in battery usage and the device getting slow. Here we are going to talk about How You can Free Up Or Clear RAM In iOS On iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.


But before going to that let’s see why your iPhone becomes slow in the first place. Whenever you open up an app in your device, regardless of it being an iPhone, there is a lot of background processes started. It mainly starts just to make your experience better in using those apps again in a while. The memory or Random-access Memory (RAM) stores information of often used programs to speed up the general time taken. iPhone generally have 1 GB or max to max 2 GB of RAM.

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So it might get a little slow if you open up a lot of apps in a moment only. All those apps will start their background processes or will be running in the back. Even though iPhone has less memory than other current devices that have reached around 6 GB of RAM, it does not hang often. iOS does a very nice job in managing the memory to give users a smooth experience.

This is a very good way if you see, saving cache in storage and background processes in memory. But if your device has more than 10 apps and less than 2 GB memory then you can have some problems.

Ways to Clear RAM On Your iPhone and iPad

The common way of closing all apps in the background and stopping their background services is by rebooting your iPhone. When you switch off your device and switch it on again, the memory will be consumed less than half. It will only be running the necessary UI or security software that is needed for functioning by the iPhone. And the apps won’t begin their background processes until they are opened again for use.

But there is one more way to clear the memory of your iPhone without switching it off. And this way might even turn out to be better than rebooting your iPhone.

So here it is. All you have to do is press and hold down the power key first. It will show the “Slide to power off” option on the top within seconds when done. And there will an option to cancel it in the bottom. You don’t have to press on either one of the options.

When on that screen just press and hold down the Home bottom of your iPhone. You have to hold down the Home button of your device until you are taken back to the home screen. This trick to clear your memory that we just told you about can be used on any Apple iOS device.

Check if it works

This way you just cleared off a major part of your memory without closing each app or switching it off. You can check whether your memory or RAM does actually clear by using any system statistic showing app. Like below we are showing the amount of memory used up in the iPhone by System Active Monitor ( This app shows the amount of memory that is used up and free at the current moment. It is available on iPhone, iPad and iTouch. The app is paid on iTunes but is a great app to know regular stats of memory and battery usage.

Memory usage

So yeah, you might not need those RAM or memory optimizer in order to use your phone at best speed. Neither do you have to switch it off or close each app separately.

The special feature of this trick that makes it better than rebooting your iPhone is that recent app list is still there. Which means if you double tap on the Home button, all the applications will be there. But there will be a small difference. If you tap on any apps that are being viewed in the recently opened list, they will load. They are just viewed there on the list yet they are closed and are not running in the background. This is another way by which you can see that this method of clearing memory works perfectly.

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And yes, you shouldn’t overuse this method and make it a part of every time you use your phone. But this trick can be very useful at times. Like if you come across one app that takes away all your free memory and battery from the background. Or when you recently opened some apps that you won’t use for a while, this method is perfect then.

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