We can always find in existence various documents and data which tend to take much of the storage space in any iPhone/iPad. These unused documents and data also tend to make your iPhone work slower and could also at certain times hang. This in turn can  cause damage some important system settings which is not healthy for any iPhone/iPad. If viewers of this site are facing a similar problem, then worry not!!

We can delete Documents and Data on iPhone by following few simple steps. At the same time there are various ways of doing so. But before we get into the process of elimination of such unwanted documents and data, it is quite useful and informative to know the nature of such Documents and Data. So what exactly are “how to delete documents and data on iPhone without deleting app”?

Documents and Data’ in an iPhone/iPad consist of temporary files/data stored from various sources such as stock apps, iCloud documents, cached memory, and third-party apps that can force your iPhone/iPad to work slower than earlier speed: thus,  causing inconvenience much to your annoyance! Therefore it is always better to delete documents and data iPhone or iPad from such sources top free your phone space. Let’s proceed to the next section on how to delete documents and data on iPhone/iPad to free up space.

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Clear “Documents and Data” On iPhone or iPad and Free Up Space

How To Delete Documents & Data From Stock Apps?

Various stock apps such as music, videos, safari, messages, mail etc store some data of their own to make use of it when required. Since the nature of such data is different from one another; naturally, there are different ways to remove/delete such data. Removal of the below mentioned apps can to a large extent help to free up space.We will go over each briefly in the below paragraphs.
1. Safari:

A lot of data such as history, cookies, reading list etc. gets stored in its Documents and Data which may have a role in interfering with iPhone’s functionality. Thus, to remove Safari cache, history, cookies:

1. Go to Settings ->Safari
2. Select “Clear History and Website Data” which is at the bottom of the page.
3. Confirm to clear all history and website data. This particular action won’t bring any effect on other information.
In the case of removing other stored data, go to Settings and click on Safari. Select Advanced and choose Website Data after which you are required to click on Remove All Website Data”.

In order to remove Safari reading list:
1. Launch Settings” and select “General”, and go to “Usage”.
2. From the options available, select “Show All Apps” and select “Safari” in the bottom of the page.
3. Click on “Edit” after which you need to tap on the red ‘-‘sign which is visible beside Offline Reading List. Select the “Delete” option.

Removing reading list in Safari can free up significant space on your iPhone as well as make your Safari browser work faster than before.

2. Messages:

It’s always better to delete your old message attachments and old conversations as they tend to take up a lot of iPhone storage space. In order to remove/clear iMessage cache, you are required to keep

  • iBackupbot
  • iPhone/iPad and
  • PC/MAC running latest version of iTunes.
    1. You need to backup your iPhone/iPad through iTunes before you remove the data.
    2. In Apple Support: Backup, select iBackupbot.
    3. Launch System Files which could be visible on the side of the screen and select Mediadomain and click on Library. Next, select SMS and click on Attachments.
    4. You can either clear or delete all folders in “Attachments”. It’s always better to delete all folders.
    5. Next, select ‘Restore’ option. This will restore your iPhone to this backup.


This process will to an extent clear your iPhone of the cached data. In addition to clearing cached data, it will also help your messages app to work much more efficiently than before.

3. Mail:

You can also clear mail cache and unused documents and data by following few simple steps.
1. Select Settings and go to Mail, Contacts and Calendar.
2. Click on email account.
3. Select Delete Account and click Confirm.
4. Tap on Add New to re-add your account.

In this way , you can clear your mail cache effectively and make your iPhone cache free!! It will also make the Mail app to work much more faster than before.

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How to Delete Documents & Data from Third-Party Apps?

There are two ways in which documents and data stored by third-party apps can be deleted/cleared on iPhone.

  • The first method is to uninstall such apps and re-install them from Google Play Store. Data of apps such as Facebook can be cleared/deleted in this way.
  • The second method is to delete data such as photos, videos and message conversations that are no longer in use to free up space.

Since the first method could be uncomfortable to bring into effect,nonetheless,  you can always make use of the second method and free up your smartphone’s storage space.

How To Delete Documents & Data from iCloud Documents?

On a general note, not much data gets stored in this unless you are a heavy user. Nevertheless, documents and data can be cleared in few quick steps:
1. Launch Settings->iCloud.
2. Click on Storage and Backup
3. Here, tap on Manage Storage.
4. In documents and data, select each app.
5. Click on Edit on the top-left corner of the screen. Click on Delete All.

This,  by after the above mentioned ways and steps/process, you can easily get rid of unused documents and data from your iPhone/iPad. You can also clear/delete such documents by using various app cleaner apps. This in turn will help in freeing up space as well as speed up your iPhone’s functionality. To get more information on this, you can check out : How to clear app and browser cache on iPhone.