This job is simply an extension from apple watch to your iPhone. It’s not a big deal for the iPhone developers to add this feature. Not that this feature is unavailable; it has the ability but has a bit complications or may be a bundled complication. No doubt the watch OS still allows a lot more features that are not yet there but still enjoyed. Checking your iPhone’s battery life can be enabled by using a third-party app and that is not a big complication. Pulling the phone out of the pocket is a bit complicating sometimes and availing this without having your phone in your hand would be a grand. The third party app for e.g. MacID or battery watcher will be helpful.


It’s for sure that iPhone makers will once help this feature in a direct technique but till that time using a third party app is not at all bad. They would’ve seemed like having no brain but in reality they aren’t.

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Steps to be followed :-

  • Step #1 DOWNLOADING-

    First of all you need to do is download a third party app from iOS App store. There are free as well as paid apps. MacID is a paid app offered at a price of $3.99 while apps like battery watcher, battery monitor, widgets, remote battery & connectivity and battery mate can be downloaded free of cost.

  • Step #2 INSTALLING-

    Once the download is complete the apple watch should automatically install if the auto-installation is enabled on your phone but if auto-installation is disabled; turn it ON either or install the app manually by selecting on the positive commands given by the phone. Now it’s installed.

  • Step #3 ENABLING

           After the installation is complete then the process comes to  enabling the downloaded app. then tap the ‘Apple Watch’ on your iPhone and then go further by clicking on the options provided for the downloaded app or scroll down to open the options for BW. Now, toggle “Show App on Apple Watch” ‘ON’ OR toggle “Show in Glances” for a quicker access.



Battery Watcher

Now comes the set-up part. Launch the app on your iPhone and go to its settings. Here are some extra features provided. If you want to activate features like standby, internet or talk time then you can activate them just by toggling on the options.



Now all the set-up process is completed and what you have to do is now check your watch. Look for the app on your watch to view the battery percentage and other details as well.


Just use “glances” to flawlessly rise up your wrist and have a look on it, well peek at it.

NOTE: In the “glances” view you won’t be able to go for the more info or features you may have toggled on.

List of useful apps:-

  • Battery monitor(free)
  • MacID(paid)
  • Vidgets(free)
  • Remote battery & connectivity
  • Battery Mate(free)
  • Battery watcher(free)


MacID a perfect solution to it:-

Macs connected

Among the above apps it is recommended that you go for a MacID to check your battery percentage status or other features. Features include connection to several Macs at a same time, controlling the device audio. The features also include unlocking the device with the help of touch ID & passcode/password and more.

In order to activate MacID on your watch, follow the steps mentioned above. Also make sure that the “Glance” for is ON. Turning the “Glance” ON allows you to check the battery percentage of your iPhone just with a sole swipe on your Apple Watch.

MacID also has the features to give you information about the mobile connections like mobile internet, Wi-Fi etc. if it is linked to a Wi-Fi connection it even shows you the name of the network.

MacID is a genuine, trusted and off-course the best software for availing these kinds of features specially CHECKING THE IPHONES BATTERY LIFE with the use of your APPLE WATCH.


As Apple is a company dealing all over the world and offers a variety of products to its costumers it will sooner or later take this into account. Apple has a huge range of products like phones, laptops, tablets, Mac books etc. All its device work in their own platform or OS. If apple provides an in-built feature in the iPhones then its costumers doesn’t have to go for all this third-party applications. Let’s, wait until apple takes this into account and present something new to their valuable costumers. Other developers are also trying to improve their products. Developers like Kelly Pangburn are still on their work. Anyway, it would have been better if APPLE takes this matter into account soon and give features which will make the apple user easy to run. Till then enjoy these apps.

So well this piece of information has given you clear solution for How to check your iPhone’s Battery Life from Apple Watch. So geeks enjoy reading all about the tech world .