Apple products are something people relate it to their status and image.For the past few years it has led the world in innovation and new models with vibrant fresh features every year.

People do get amazed with the technological innovation they bring in , along with the prices of each product that will bring in great surprises every time.

Among lot of features that iOS devices , Activation Lock was one among them.For people to get a heads up, “Activation Lock “ can prevent the thief from using your device as it will need user Id and password.With this feature , the stolen devices cannot be erased and reactivated without owner’s credentials.

The reason behind the activation tool removed turned out to be the risk involved in hacking using stolen serial numbers.There was still a loophole that was left even after Apple took down on web tool.The loophole incurred change.The change that was brought in the feature was that the user’s can use their device’s IMEI or serial number to see the status of iPhone activation lock.

The user can enable the “Find My iPhone” to enable the activation lock.The apple took down this feature around January this year because they felt that hackers could misuse it to find out device’s serial number and use it by reactivating it.

Apple allow you to check the iPhone activation lock status via Apple Support pages :

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  • Go to “Apple Support page “ from your iOS device’s browser or from a PC.
  • You will have to select iPhone option from the list of devices available.

  • Click on any search category related to hardware , like button Battery , power and charging  or system performance.

  • Again you need to make a narrow selection like “display cracked” or “accidental damage” among the available list of issues.
  • Next , click on the “Send/Bring in for repair”.


  • Now you are required to enter your iPhone’s serial number or IMEI number for you to know the Activation Lock status.

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity,

  • If  incase “Find My iPhone” and Activation Lock is enabled in your phone , you will receive a message that says “ Sorry , We cannot create a repair if Find my iPhone is active”.


With this you can be sure that your device even if it gets stolen cannot be reactivated and use.This is one of the safety measure that Apple offers by the loop hole in turning down the web tool.This feature has gained users trust when compared to android users who cannot track their device once its lost.To all the iPhone users , make use of this advantage to make sure your mobile’s safety as you are paying a lot of money . This feature is worth your pay.

One important condition that users need to keep in my is that , this method works only for few devices. Activation Lock is not available for Mac and Apple Tv users.

In order to prevent hacking , this method works well when compared with the web tool.Hence, a great move by Apple to prevent hacking and safe guarding their potential customers.