Screen orientation represents the rotation of one’s monitor’s screen into possibly Landscaping or Portrait mode. Windows 7’s default Landscape mode shows text and graphics broader potentially they are large. Portrait style will the reverse by looking into making the display more than it is actually wide, and that is helpful when reading through lengthy text docs. This characteristic is effective for screens that actually rotate or laptops that can be used as tablets.

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Step 1

Click the “Start” key and then just click “Control Panel.” Choose “Adjust Screen Resolution” from the Overall look and Customization area. On the other hand, right-click a vacant area of your windows seven pc pick “Screen Resolution.”

Step 2

Click the “Orientation” drop-down list pick either “Landscape” or “Portrait.” You also have the option of “Landscape (Flipped)” and “Portrait (Flipped)” that uses the same alignment but turns around the display as if you were viewing the screen in a reflection.
Step 3

Click “Apply” and then just click “Keep Changes.” Simply clicking “Revert” in the verification discussion box will recover the original settings.
Step 4

Click “OK” to quit the Screen Resolution window.