Nothing can beat the uniqueness of Apple. They have something unique always which makes the user feel all time stay loved with the products. Here we can see about a unique thing about default search engine of Mac OS X. You can see most of your OS will have Google as the default search engine but here on Mac OS X, it’s not Google lover here. Google is not a preferred choice of Apple developers.

Even though the best search engine known to world is Google , apple developers have not given it a prestige as their default search engine .A good number of people like 4 out of 5 prefers Google . But there are people who are not mesmerized with Google and they prefer the alternatives. Some prefer other search engines like Yahoo, Bing etc. and think that they are better. And the apple users are provided with a search engine i.e. DuckDuckGo and it is really cool too.

change default search engine

Wondering why is it so!!! I know you will be wondered if you are a Google lover and my next lines would put a shock in your eyes too. Ever felt how kind Google is when you have seen most good things costs and this best thing Google is not a paid thing. If so update your knowledge with this “Nothing this free at this world “. Google is really a hidden eye on you geeks .You search so many things and you get it free and Google has created a profile for you, where all your likes and preference are stored safe to make business run. You can see you get advertisement and emails related to your preference and would have wondered saying how did I have this luckily when I was just planning to do it. The wonder can be answered as the magic business of Google.

Don’t think your privacy is secure with other search engines like Bing and Yahoo. They too follow their master Google in the business path. But you can feel relaxed as they are not so keen and expert as Google peeping on your privacy.

You seem to be so lucky if you are an Apple lover . Because Mac OS X is from Apple . Here privacy is given as your natural right while choosing Mac OS X . It has DuckDuckGo as your default search engine which is too much privacy oriented  . Believe it guys this default search engine ensures your privacy .But if you got bored with the default Search Engine offered to you. And if you want to change your default search engine then I can help you out. No worries we have choices, choose the best which makes you happy.

Here you will learn How to Change Safari Default Search Engine on Mac OS X . Let’s start

In this you have to do simple four steps to change your default search engine on your Mac OS X.

Step 1 #

A very easy manual step . To begin with this first select Safari on your Mac OS X.

Step 2 #

Now as given in the below image you can see certain options when you clicked Safari. Among the list of options ,look for an option called “Preferences” . Now you have to click that .

Safari-preferencesStep 3 #

You can now see a drop-down menu labelled Search as given in the image below .Now from that label you can see an option search with a symbol of magnifying glass .Click on the option “Search “.


Step 4 #

Once you click on the search option a drop-down menu will appear containing a series of Search Engine.

Select your preferred search engine you want from the drop-down menu that appears on your screen to set as your default search engine.

Select search engine

Note: 1– Apple provides you to select from the four below mention search engines.

  1. DuckDuckGo
  2. Google
  3. Yahoo
  4. Bing

Note:2 – the above mention steps are applicable for almost all versions of OS X,but when as said before the Privacy-oriented search engine i.e. DuckDuckGo is only exists in SAFARI 8 for OS X Yosemite.

That’s all you need to do to change your DEFAULT SEARCH ENGINE IN SAFARI BROWSER.

Now here’s a short go about the four Default search engines that you can get as Apple user.


We can say that its a best option if your concern is about your privacy . Unlike other search engines DuckDuck Go is safer for a user as it keep the personal information of a user safe and emphasizes on protecting searchers privacy. Here no personal information is collected from you . Thus, it shows the same information to all its users. DuckDuckGo collects its information from various other sites. Moreover, it shows the best search result other than any search engine.


 Google Search is the dominant search engine with the highest number of user’s world-wide. Google has billions of web pages to offer its users to search. It shows the most relevant results and gathers its information from over million sources throughout the world. A user can search for any desired information by entering keywords and operators. Anyway, Google is considered as the best search engine platform than any other search engines.


According to a survey it was found that Yahoo was able to gather far more information about a user than any other search engine. Yahoo gathers information from several sources to display search results to its user. Yahoo is one of the most prominent search engines and it’s the world’s fourth most visited website. All most all browsers like Safari, windows etc. has Yahoo as one of the search engine


Unlike other search engines Bing is also a search engine from the Microsoft that has several search engine features like other search engine. You can also select Bing as your engine manually.

Now we are all set about the information of the search engines and their best part .

Anyway, the delighted customers of Apple have their way now to Change Default Search Engine in Safari in their Mac Os X. It would have been really better if Apple allows multiple Search Engines other than four. It could be a fortune for its costumers to go for any search Engine from their Browser only without opting for any other internet Browser. It  can be further advised to set Google as its default search engine as it has the most sources to search over and it is been esteemed by millions. DuckDuckGo in fact is good ,there is no doubt about that ; but not up to a height that Google stands at.

Still, CHANGING YOUR DEFAULT SEARCH ENGINE of your SAFARI BROWSER in your Mac OS X is not at all a complex task.

So geeks here you are clear with this .