In Photoshop software, the background color of your image is gray by default. So if you want to change that default background color then are landed at the right place.

Adobe Photoshop is a graphics editor tool. It was developed by Adobe Systems for MAC OS and Windows.

Photoshop has gained that much fame that now Photoshop word is used like a verb. As in “to Photoshop an image” and “Photoshop contest” etc.

In this article, I will tell you how easily you can change the background color of your image. At the end of this article, you will also get to know that how easily you can change Photoshop interface color of your image with some other image.

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Change the background color of your Photoshop interface

You can change the background color by two ways:

  1. The Quick Approach
  2. The Preferences Approach

Let’s discuss each approach one by one that how to use them.

The Quick Way to Change Background Color of your Photoshop Interface

First you have to right click anywhere on the connection background which is outside your image.

change background color

Then there are various options available for you like:

  1. Default
  2. Black
  3. Dark Gray
  4. Medium Gray
  5. Light Gray
  6. Custom
  7. Select Custom Color

From this menu you can select any color of your own choice which you want to set as background color.

select color to change background color

Suppose I have selected the light Gray color as my background color. Then you can see a screen like the below one.

dark gray color as background color

If you want some particular background color, then you can go for the Custom Color option.

So if you choose “Select Custom Color” then Custom Canvas Color Picker window pop ups on your screen.

choose custom color to select a background color

From there you can select any background color that Photoshop supports.

Suppose you choose Pink Color for your background. Then you get a screen like the below one.

choose pink as background color

The Preferences Approach to Change Background Color of your Photoshop Interface

You can use this approach when you want to change the overall theme color which can change the background color so.

Follow the below simple steps to use this approach:

  1. First of all, go to Edit option.
  2. There you can see various sub options. You have to select Preferences from there.
  3. After that, select Interface.change background color from preferences
  4. A window open ups on your screen. There is a Standard Screen Mode option.   choose custom color to select a background color
  5. You have to select background color for your image from Standard Screen Mode color dropdown menu. You can pick any color that you want to apply.set background color
  6. That’s it. Click on ok.

As we know that there are different view modes like Full Screen, Full Screen with Menus and Artboards. So you can change the background color of these modes also through the same dialog box.

How to Change the Background of a Photo?

Sometimes, you meet a situation when you don’t like the background of your image.

If you are in such a situation i.e. if you want to change the background of your image then no worry. With this article, you can easily do this.

Follow the below simple steps to change background of your image:

First of all, you have to open that image whose background you want to change. So open that image in Photoshop CS6.

change background of an image

On the left side of the screen there is a toolbar. You have to select “Magic Eraser Tool” from there. You can also select this tool by pressing “E key”.

erase the background

Now click on the background area and start removing it. Make sure that you should keep the tolerance value at 20 or below it while you are using “Magic Eraser Tool”.

erase background completely

Next select the “Eraser tool” again from the left side toolbar. Now remove the rest of the background area with the help of this tool. You can press Ctrl key and + key simultaneously to zoom the image.

Now resize the image by pressing ctrl key, alt key and I key together.

resize the image

Next, you have to select the “Move Tool” from the toolbox.

Now, move the first image on to the second image by using this move tool.

final image with new background

You can easily adjust the image by dragging it left-right and top-bottom.

If you are not satisfied with the changes then you can press Ctrl key and Z key together to undo the steps.

If you are satisfied with the image then save your image by press Ctrl and S key together.

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Final Words

So with this, I have ended this article. If this article helps you in any way then don’t forget to comment. Do share this article with your friends also. So that I can be helpful for them also.

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