It is actually essential to make sure that each computer on the network has a specialized name to avoid prospective system issues and confusion for people. It is possible to change your apple Mac’s computer name to a different name of your choice. In case your Mac forms element of a enterprise network, there will probably be predetermined naming conventions in operation, often these are typically depending on the name of the particular person using each machine, or its place inside the workplace.
Step 1

Simply click the “Apple” menu within the top-left from the display. Select “System Preferences.”
Step 2

Go through the “Sharing” icon. On the top resulting screen, you’ll view your present laptop or computer name. To change it, press into the field, drop the earlier name and type in your preferred computer name.
Step 3

Select the “Edit” button below the pc name field to change the local hostname, if you would like. The hostname could be accustomed to use your laptop or computer across the network as an alternate to utilizing a numbered IP address which is especially for anyone who is using a network having a combination of Macs and Windows computers.
Step 4

Close the window to save your changes.


Choose laptop or computer names and host names that obviously discover your Mac around the network.


If other computer systems on the network are sharing files as well as other resources on the Mac, modifying the host name will crack their network, and need them to reconnect.