We are going to discovers a topic that is how can block or unblock MMS & SMS on Samsung Galaxy Note. Smartphone by selecting phone numbers or contacts on a block list of course you can done in your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 it has that feature, And it is in-built features called as spam. Just follow steps are given below:


Step 1:

Open the Messages application from your Galaxy Note 4.

Step 2:

Tap Menu on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Step 3:

Select Settings.

Step 4:

Make sure the Spam filter box is checked or not.

Step 5:

Select and Add to spam numbers.

Step 6:

Tap and select the phone number you like to block from your contact list.

Step 7:

Select Save when it is completed, and again you will not see text messages or notifications from that particular number.

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How to unblock the text MMS or SMS on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4:

Suppose you need to unblock the phone numbers from the blocked list even you can done in your Galaxy Note 4:

Step 1:

Get back to the Add to spam numbers screen.

Step 2:

Tap and hold the number, And then select Delete > OK to remove the number from the block list.

I hope the above steps are helpful to you when it is necessary to block or unblock the MMS or SMS from your Samsung Galaxy Note 4.