People have insights into what is bothering them, but they hardly do a damn thing to change. If this is the same thing happening to you while using your iMessages, then I really tell you to keep yourself away from being bothered. Keeping yourself away doesn’t suggest you to stop using iMessages service, but rather suggests you to Block Someone on iMessage , the one who bothering or disturbing you. If someone is annoying you, disturbing you, or it’s an unknown one bothering you, and then block them out . It’s very simple now with Apple’s concrete changes to iOS’s ability to block. With this, you can block unknown contacts and contacts in the list, from whom you don’t want to receive iMessages. But, this feature is available to users of iOS 7 and iOS 8. In iOS 6, the users couldn’t block a person that was really bad and rather it include the feature to disable iMessages which was the ugliest solution.

Blocking someone on your iPhone effectively blocks them from even being able to call you or text you (regular SMS/MMS). For our reason, we assume that this is the use-case.

Here in the below you will learn how to block text messages on iPhone the person from whom you don’t want to receive messages. Once you block the person he/she cannot contact you any means neither by call or messages.

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How to Block someone easily on iMessage on your iPhone:
  • At first, go to your main menu and open the Settings app
  • Scroll down and tap on Messages
  • Now, scroll down again and you will see an option Blocked, tap on it.
  • To add a person to this list from whom you don’t want to receive the message from, tap on Add New.
  • Choose the particular contact and tap on Done.

Setting -Messages iPhone

You’ll notice that the contact you have selected is now added to your Blocked list. This contact won’t be able to text you, call you or send an iMessage to you. Moreover, FaceTime will be also blocked for this person.

Block Unknown Numbers:

There are times when you get annoyed when you receive repeated messages from unknown contacts. If you don’t want to receive such unwanted messages, you can block unknown numbers so that they won’t be able to send you iMessages further. The below will tell you what to do with it.

  • At first, go tom your iPhones main menu and Launch the Phone app.
  • Tap on Recents with clock symbol provided at the bottom.

Click Recents

  • Here you will see all the recent phone numbers which you have sent/received messages and calls. Search the unknown phone number which you don’t want further to send you iMessages. Once you have found the unknown number, tap on “i” icon which will be on the right of the number.
  • Now, scroll down and Tap on Block this Caller.

Block this caller

  • Then tap on the Block Contact option provided.

Block Contact

That’s all! And now you don’t have to worry much. The disturbing elements are out of your life. You won’t receive any iMessages, phone calls and even Face Time further from this unknown number.

Stop notification for Blocked Contacts:

When someone unknown sends you an iMessage you can stop getting notifications. Without missing other message notifications. This process involves two steps:

At first remove the contact from your phone or address book.

Go to Settings Notifications  Messages  scroll down and select Show Alerts from My Contacts.

This way, you won’t get notifications for iMessages sent from numbers not in your contacts, unknown numbers. But they won’t block.

If you are thinking of removing the contact itself and blocking the number, then that’s not possible at least, not till now. Unless you call up your carrier and report them to block a number. You could also login into your account on your carrier’s web portal and add the number to the blacklist or reject-list. It would take a bit time for the changes to take effect.

Something About iMessage: A Knowledge Update

iMessage was first announced by Apple Inc. in the year 2006. It’s an instant messaging application that allows users to send texts, documents, photos, videos, contact information, and group messages. iMessages needs a connection to the internet. It may be a Wi-Fi or your mobile data. It runs on platforms iOS 5 or later. One can use iMessage through the message app on an iPhone, iPod or iPad. It can also be accessed from Mac running OS X Mountain Lion or later.

Anyway, users of iMessage who are receiving useless messages from unknown contacts or contacts in the list, I hope this piece of the article would be helpful to them. Anyone disturbing or harassing you, don’t waste your time in arguing with them, better you put them on your blocked list and enjoy an uninterrupted use of your iOS device as Apple has offered so much of unique application to its users.