Trying to keep your way of life confidential is becoming more complicated daily. Take pleasure in some personal privacy by blocking folks out of your Facebook page, and get it done without getting them knowing.

Facebook Messenger


Step 1
Type person or e-mail
Type in the name or e-mail address in the particular person you would like to block.
Step 2
Simply click Settings
Press Account on the top of the page. Choose Account Settings through the drop-down menu.
You can also pick Privacy Settings through the drop-down menu.
Step 3
Open up account
Open up a Facebook profile at There is likely to be people who would like to chat, but the person you don’t need to chat with.
Step 4
Just click Block List
Press Block List within the Privacy Settings page.
Step 5

Click Manage under Privacy
Click Manage beside the bolder term “Privacy.”
Step 6
Select from your list
Choose the person you would like to block through the pop-up window and then click Block to have them away from your Facebook life.