How to Block Pop-Up Windows in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE and Opera

Pop-up ads are automatically open when you are working. No one is a fan of Pop-up ad, even browsers recommend to block pop-ups from websites. They are annoying and waste time, although sometimes you do get an attractive offer, usually, they just waste our time. No matter how well they are designed,  it never fails to annoy the users. If you are tired of them, then it is time to block them in your particular browser. Most of the browsers having the built-in option to block pop-ups, What you need to do is just make sure if it is enabled. Here is the method to block pop-up windows in the all browsers.

How to Block Pop-Up Ads in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and IE

Disable Pop-up ads in Google Chrome (Windows & Linux)

1)Open Google Chrome.

2)Click on the Menu (Customize and Control Icon) at the top right corner of your screen.

3)Now click on Settings and click on to Show Advanced Settings by Scrolling down.

4) In the Privacy section, click on “Content Settings” and find Pop-ups section.

5) At the Pop-ups section mark on the “Do not allow any site to show pop-ups” and click Done.

Tips: Use the “Manage Exceptions” option to add websites, on which you want pop-ups to be shown.

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Disable Pop-up ads in Google Chrome – iOS or Android

1)Open the Settings window in your device’s Google Chrome browser, and click on Settings.

2) Click on Content Settings

3) Click Block Pop-ups and enable the option to “Block Pop-ups”.

Disable Pop-ups in Firefox

1) Open Firefox browser and click Settings icons in the top-right corner and from there go to the “Options” (or “Preferences”).

2) In Options, Click on the Content and Select Block pop-up windows

Disable Pop-ups in Firefox – Mac

1) Open up Firefox browser and then Select “Preferences” from the Firefox menu in the top left-hand side of your screen.

2) In the Content tab, select the option to “Block Pop-up Windows”.

Disable Pop-ups in Safari

1) Click on “Settings (Gear)” icon at the top-right corner of the screen and from the menu click on “Preferences”

2) A new window will open, in there just click on “Security” Panel and under it, check or uncheck “Block pop-up windows” to allow or block pop-ups.

3) You can also click on “Settings” icon and tick “Block pop-up windows” option right in the drop-down menu to block pop-ups.

Disable Pop-ups in Safari -Mac

1) Click on Preferences in the Safari menu in the top-left corner.

2) In the Security tab, enable the option to “Block Pop-Up Windows”

Disable Pop-ups in Safari -iOS

1) Open the Settings app on your iPhone/iPad

2) Click on “Safari”

3) Enable the Option to “Block Pop-ups”.


Disable Pop-ups in Opera

1) Click on “Opera” button at the top-left corner of the screen, and from the menu that opens up, click on “Settings”.

2) In Settings, click on “Websites” from the left menu and you will see new options on the right side. There, you will see an option of “Pop-ups”, just select the option below it to allow or block Pop-ups.

Disable Pop-ups in Opera – iOS

1) Click on the Opera logo in the bottom middle of the screen, and select Settings.

2) Enable the option to “Block Pop-ups”.

Disable Pop-ups in Internet Explore ( Windows & Linux)

1) Open Internet Explorer

2) Press F10 to open the file menu

3) In File Menu, click Tools.

4) Now click Pop-up Blocker and select “Turn On Pop-Up Blocker”.

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