How to Block Email Address in Gmail

Gmail is a free, email service provider from Google. Gmail started as an invitation only beta release, and eventually became available to public. Users might use Gmail as a secure web mail as well as via POP3 and IMAP4 protocols. With the increase in the use of the Gmail, it became quite important and one of the most important technique for communication. With the increase in the importance there comes on the question of security, Gmail’s spam filtering feature is a community driven service, where any user who marks it as spam. This helps the system to find similar future messages foe the Gmail users.

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How to Block Unwanted Emails on Gmail

Users also might tune the system to allow and mark the mails as spam to be handled in particular ways. Block Email AddressGoogle claims that the mails send and read by the users are not read by any other instead. As per the security of Gmail is concerned, at sometime the Gmail used an unencrypted connection to retrieve the data of the users. However they are forced to use a secure connection, which reduces the risk of third party eavesdropping on the user information.

Google Extensions

Users receive a plenty of unwanted mails every day, cleaning up the email inbox may not be the top priority on the to-do list as anyway, the user will have the same mass junk emails the next day in the inbox. Although cleaning up the email inbox is a tedious job and you end up cleaning it up today, but it won’t stay that way tomorrow. If you are looking to Block Email Address in Gmail, Who sends you unsolicited mails, the solution is right available as an extension for the Google Chrome called the Block Sender. This extension blocks any user in your inbox. Which sends the sender with a fake message failure notice? As a result to that, the sender will stop sending future messages and will probably take your email address off your mailing list. Upon installing the extension, they will open up a new tab on your Gmail. If you are already logged in, they will direct you to the inbox. After that, you have to tap on the message that you want to block and click on the block button, which will be displayed on top of the email message. As soon as you click on the block option, there will be an undo button which will be displayed for about 3 seconds. BlockThis gives you a window to trace back your action. Additionally a pop up window will confirm your action by showing you the sender’s email address. Other than that, they will even ask you if you want to send a fake message of the sent failure to the sender. It is for your notification that the sender will have no idea that his/her message has been deleted or send to trash. There are many different approaches that can be used for blocking. Other than blocking the sender you can also block the sender from all areas, or email messages with the same subject, or even the keyword and the phrase. While blocking the sender is a great method of managing an inbox, this extension allows only four blocks per month. To get unlimited senders, you need to subscribe to their pro plans at the rate of $29 per year. This is one of the most ideal approaches to free your inbox from spam and unwanted messages. While you can get the same effect by creating a filter on your email settings, which is a troublesome task and is not up to the flexibility of the extension.

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Google Filters

Create a filter

Talking about the Google filters, it is sometimes not enough to just mark mails as spam. Google’s filters are not 100 percent effective and sometimes, some blocked mails might slip through to find your way to the inbox. If you want to cut the mails out of some particular senders can be done by following this simple guide. First of all you need to log in their Gmail address. The next thing to do is pull up an email from the offending sender. From the offending sender, pull down the arrow and filter the message like this. Fill in the criteria for the mails that you would like to stop receiving. Send delete and create a filter as per your need.

Most of the advanced features are available to the users who have the pro versions of the extensions but if you feel that the price you pay for cleaning up the inbox is not acceptable, there are plenty of free methods which can be used as a good alternative. Else than that if you want an inbox free of clutter then it is not a bad thing to invest that would effectively taking care of your situation.

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