20 Best WordPress Typography Plugins to Help Your Site Stand Out

Have you ever visited a blog or website, and thought how advanced and amazing the typography looks? It stands out from the basic fonts of WordPress which are there by default because of typography plugins. Also, it makes the content look more beautiful. People tend to engage more in the content that looks beautiful and attracting. It can be either the font or the white space that has been used brilliantly, to stand out from the crowd. So, we often wonder how these fonts can be created and implemented to our own WordPress blog.

This typography creativity is either done by CSS styling which is done manually or through plugins. To make it easier, we will show you the plugins way. With the help of typography plugins, you don’t have to worry about the minute details because these will be taken care of beforehand.

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Why is it important to have good typography plugins?

Almost all the premium WordPress themes come with the option of changing fonts, adjusting white space, adding google font, etc. But you might still need the help of plugins to add those extra features like pull quotes or drop caps.

Here are some reasons to change your typography for good-

  1. Fonts add credibility- Specified fonts adds credibility to your content which attracts readers. Source says Baskerville font increases the credibility of what you got to say as compared to fonts like Modern, Helvetica, Georgia etc.
  2. Reduced Bounce rate & increased time spent on site- Fonts with better line spacing and bigger looking alphabets will help your site in gaining user time and reducing bounce rate.

20 Best Typography plugins for your WordPress site

1. Easy google fonts

typography plugin


Features Of Easy Google Font WordPress Plugin

  • Allows you to add Google fonts to your theme without editing the theme’s main stylesheet. This secures your font against any theme updates.
  • This best font plugin for WordPress allows you to create unlimited custom font controls.
  • Updates the fonts automatically once a un-updated version is available.
  • Cross browser and backwards browser compatible.
  • Automatically enqueues all style sheets for your chosen google fonts.

2. Font

Features Of Font WordPress Plugin

  • This text formatting and best font plugin for WordPress which allows you to change the font of a specific part of your article from within the visual editor of WordPress dashboard itself.
  • Easy to use and switch between themes.

3. Typekit Fonts For WordPress


Features Of Typekit Fonts For WordPress Plugin

  • This is a best WordPress text editor plugin, Which allows Quick and easy way to enable Typekit fonts on your site.
  • Doesn’t interfere with your Theme’s stylesheet which makes your changes update-proof.
  • Ability to add your own CSS rules to further customise fonts like font weight etc.

4. WP Google Fonts

Features Of WP Google Fonts Plugin

  • Possible to apply different fonts on different elements.
  • Easy to use.
  • Adds new fonts released under the Google fonts banner.

5. Use Any Font

Features Of Use Any Font Plugin

  • Best free WordPress text editor plugin which supports for all major browsers.Use uploaded font from Editor itself.
  • You can insert fonts to any element or section of your website like headers, paragraphs, footers etc.
  • Supports font file up to 15 MB.Load time is faster because your custom fonts are hosted on your server.
  • You can upload multiple fonts for your website.
  • Support forum to help you with any problem.

6. TinyMCE Advanced editor

Features of TinyMCE Advanced Plugin

  • Best free WordPress text editor plugin, It has Ability to add tables, reduce font size, adjust/change fonts directly while editing a WordPress post.
  • Gives you the ability to add/remove or change visual editor toolbar buttons of WordPress Dashboard.
  • The plugin helps you get back background colour option, justify text alignment option etc to the WP dashboard.

7. Crayon Syntax Highlighter

Features of Crayon Syntax Highlighter Plugin

  • Ability to highlight codes, any text or a single URL to make them stand out and easily recognisable.
  • Supports mouse event interaction (showing plain code on double click and toolbar on mouse hover).
  • Live preview mode.

8. Zeno Font Resizer

Features of Zeno Font Resizer WordPress Plugin

  • Stores a cookie in the browser of the visitor which lets it make same font size when the visitor revisits your site
  • This plugin works through a jquery and javascript so users can change the font without reloading the site.

9. MW Font Changer

Features of MW Font Changer

  • Allows you to type in different languages, apart from English.
  • Gives you a separate editing dashboard.
  • It has all the languages like Persian and Arabic.

10. FontMeister

Features of FontMeister

  • It supports and provides the following features- Typekit Fonts, Google Fonts, Font Squirrel Fonts and Fontdeck Fonts.
  • Has more than 10,000+ fonts to work with.
  • It also has both free and premium fonts to choose from.

11. Styleguide – Custom Fonts and Colours

Features of Styleguide

  • There are few settings but very concise.
  • You can select fonts for headers, footers and body text.
  • You can change the colour of the fonts in different lines also.
  • Developers can extend the plugin and develop it further and add to their works.

12. Styles

Features of Styles

  • It offers full customization details to the ones who need even the smallest of specifications.
  • Make your own custom changes to all the fonts, if you’re unhappy.
  • Very easy to use with an interactive menu.

13. Material Design Icons

Features of Material Design Icons

  • Font icons which offer you the most accurate icons you need.
  • Choose from hundreds of free icons to match with your style.
  • Gives a unique feel.

14. Font Uploader

Features of Font Uploader

  • Lets you create your own fonts if you don’t like the existing ones.
  • The font uploader will give you options and tools to upload your own fonts.
  • It is a premium plugin but affordable.

15. Drop Cap

Features of Drop Cap

  • You can either set the plugin to add the drop cap automatically or do it manually.
  • It also supports foreign language help.

16. Simple Pull Quote

Features of Pull Quote

  • It adds a ‘pull quote’ button to your TinyMCE and HTML editor.
  • It allows you to manually put your content on the desired block of your website.
  • You can also override it with CSS.

17. FontPress – WordPress Font Manager

Features of FontPress

  • Gives you a list of all the fonts from different sources around the web.
  • It provides you shortcodes to integrate with your fonts.

18. iOS7 Style Font Icons

Features of iOS 7 Style 

  • All the iOS icons are available in his plugin.
  • You can use them in posts, in widgets and everywhere else.

19. Tooltipy

Features of Tooltipy

  • It shows you relevant words of your posts.
  • Shows you responsive description toolkit.

20. Typecase Web Fonts

Features Typecase Web Fonts

  • One of the best font management plugins.
  • It has around 650 different types of fonts to choose from.
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