Best WordPress Security Plugins to Secure WordPress Blog

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms in the blogging industry. Millions of websites including the most popular blogs in the world use WordPress as a platform to publish content. Since it is so important, there are hackers who are more interested in hacking WordPress websites. WordPress generally gets the patches and updates for all the known vulnerabilities, but most of the times the third party plugins makes the site vulnerable. Sometimes the hackers are able to find such vulnerabilities which allow them to hack the server. In the last three months, we have seen mass hacking of the website and 2 major zero day vulnerabilities. As per statistics are concerned, thousands of websites are hacked by exploiting these vulnerabilities. There are plenty of past examples which illustrate that a single vulnerability plugin might lead to hack of the web serves which host hundreds of websites. So if you are a WordPress user, you must always take care of the updates and be secure.

Security plugins

We are going to discuss about some of the best WordPress security plugins that are available for WordPress. These plugins offer in lot of features that makes your WordPress website secures from all the threats. These plugins keep all the services updated from the latest threats and exploits. If someone is really concerned about the business running on their WordPress, they should make it secure. Some of the best WordPress plugins that are to protect WordPress Blog are given in the next section.


One of the most popular plugins that is available today is the WordFence. It continuously keeps on checking your website for malware infections. They use the process to scan each file on the WordPress core, plugins and theme. In case of any infection they let know you. It promises to make your website 50 percent faster and secure. To do that, they use the Falcom caching engine. This plugin is totally free but some of the added features are only available to the premium users. This plugin basically blocks the brute force attack and can also add two factors to the authentication via SMS. Other than that by using this plugin, you can block traffic from certain countries. It also has the capability to stop certain fake traffic. The plugin instantly sends you messages in the form of email, if they find anything new.

WordFence scans for malicious codes in your posts and comments and supports multisite.


iThemes Security

It is also a nice WordPress security plugin which offers more than 30 ways to secure and protect your website. It is a one click installation which would help you to stop automated attacks and can protect your website. Other than that it fixes all the various common security holes met in the website. Like the WordFence, iThemes also scans the entire website for potential vulnerabilities and tries to protect it from them. It protects the site from bruteforce attacks and ban IP addresses. It forces the use of secure password and SSL for the admin area in the server support. One demerit of this plugin, unlike all the other plugins iThemes do not have the GeoIP banning feature. But the company has promised to bring up the feature as soon as possible. Apart from these features, iThemes integrates Google reCAPTCHA to prevent the comment spam on the website.


Sucuri Security

WordPress security plugins has plenty of examples. Sucuri Security is one of the most popular of them, from the popular website security and auditing company Sucuri. This plugin offers plenty of security features like security activity auditing, malware scanning, file integrity monitoring, blacklist monitoring and website firewall. These security plugins incorporates various blacklist engines such as Google Safe. Norton, McAfee, Sucuri Labs site advisor and more are to check the website and they defined something is wrong, they let know you via notifications.

This security plugin protects your website from Dos attack and from Zero Day disclosure patches, bruteforce attacks and other scanner attacks. It allows you to log at all activities and keep these logs safe in the Sucuri cloud.


Some Security Measures

Other than using these security plugins, one can also use these other security measures to protect your website.

  • Besides keeping a plugin, one should always keep on updating their WordPress. Updating your WordPress as soon as possible is one of the first things that can be done from your side.
  • Always keep your plugins and themes updated to the latest version. New versions always come with the latest new features and security fixes.
  • Downloading themes from the trusted sources is another thing that can be done
  • Avoid using the administrator login username ‘admin’ as it is default and common.
  • Always try to use some strong username for your WordPress account


These are some of the ways by which you can make your security for WordPress. You do not have to download all the plugins, one can try them once in. Other than that they must follow the measures to keep up the performance of their website. Most of them offer free customer support and security assessments with the pro versions. With the increase in the number of hackers in today’s world, it has become a necessity for your website.

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