More than 120 million websites are existence, You know the people are finding your content on Online?  The true secret begins with great search engine optimization (SEO), Here I’ve created a listing of recommended WordPress Plugins for SEO, You don’t need to use all of these SEO plugins but I would personally recommend select the one that meets your require.

1.Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin:

wordpress seo by yoast

This WordPress plugin is among the best free plugin for SEO, Bloggers are likewise focused to this plugin, because it gives additional features as well as help which can be used to different levels of managing a blog for much better Search engine optimization power.

Yoast allows users to make quality, seo optimized content making use of keywords through each and every blog post.  It gives you detailed information through the procedure, so it’s actually simple plenty of for newbies to utilize. That provides a preview of how your Post will appear in search engines like Google. It even features a Google Analytics WordPress plugin for easy blog monitoring.

2.Google XML Sitemaps

google xml sitemap

An excellent WordPress plugin to be able to have your blog indexed with Google and the other search engines, It can help to speed up your possibilities of getting indexed and will share the page rank between your pages.

The XML Sitemap plugin will create a specific XML sitemap which offers navigation for search engines to much better index your website. These sitemaps allow it to be much simpler for web bots to look at the full structure of your website to access it more properly.Most essentially, this plugin updates each of the major search engines each and every time you create a new article.

3.SEO friendly Images:

seo friendly images

This is really simple, By enhancing your Images, you possibly can drive a major number of targeted traffic from Image search results, if satisfying in SEO linked content in images appears to be an postscript, or in no way carried out whatsoever, you’ll also like this plugin, SEO Friendly Images automatically gives appropriate ALT and TITLE tag features to all your images (based on options you determine) improving targeted traffic from search engines.

4.SEO Smart Links

SEO smart links

SEO Smart Links WordPress plugin makes it easy to pick a word or phrase for auto inter linking, both internal links as well as external links, set anchor text, select whether it need to be “nofollow” or not, and also more.  Among the best options of the plugin is it’ll only do that with the very first occurrence on the phrase in a article so that you don’t have to stress about spamming your post with a lot of links to the same thing.

It is very beneficial for on-page search engine optimization and also by discovering your high ranking keywords and phrases utilizing Google webmaster tool, you may increase your ranking.

5.WP Social

WP social

This WordPress plugin is focused on building your blog social friendly. Everybody knows that Google have been looking at social signals to position web pages on SERP. As well as and we will need to take each and every steps whither little or huge to develop our website far more user and social friendly. Some of the significant things are including social media sharing buttons, utilizing Facebook open graph meta tag, including twitter meta data tags, making use of Google authorship and last but not least adding micro data.

Which plugin lets you carry out all this process easily and quikly with simply with couple of clicks. Most essentially it quickly integrates with popular seo plugins like Yoast, All in one and etc. which allows you to put rich snippets for all your posts.

6.Broken link checker:

broken link cheker

Broken link checker plugin is handy plugin to get all internal as well as external broken links that means 404 links. 404 links are absolutely nothing but an inactive conclusion for search engine crawlers and that it is extremely recommended to get rid of this kind of links. However this plugin possess some problems with blog with a lot of blog posts. Possibly this could freeze your web hosting for some time.

7.Robot Meta WordPress plugin:

robots meta

A simple option for adding robot metadata no follow and no index tags for any page you choose on your blog. While you may prevent this plugin when you have optimized your robots.txt file for search engine. By using this plugin you can access robots.txt and .httaccess file directly from your WordPress dashboard.


redirection wordpress plugin

This redirection WordPress plugin which help you to find 404 pages and fixing them, For the lot of good reasons you in some cases you will need to move a page from one location on your site to another, but you then chance dropping that not found in search results.  Redirection WordPress plugin makes it possible to with the 301 redirects, records a log of 404 errors which means you can work on fixing them, creates an RSS feed for errors and more.

9.Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

yet another related posts plugin

Usually called as YARPP (Yet Another Related Post Plugin), this plugin allows you to automatically adds related posts at the end of your single blog post. You’ve some theme handle direct from the back end. If your at ease modifying your template files, you may include the relevant posts directly in your template.

10.SEO Slugs

seo slugs

Slugs are lengthy URL file names given to your posts. Ex: This plugin cleans away common words like ‘a’, ‘the’,’in’,’what’ ‘you’ etc. from the instantly issued post slug to ensure it is more Search Engine friendly.