Best WordPress Image Compression and Optimization Plugins

When you want your website to load faster, images play an important role. Search engines prefer sites that have optimized images and rank them higher.In the new era, people browse more on mobile devices and tabs. So they have minimum patience in keeping up with site load speed. And that is why image Compression is necessary. If your images are not optimized, you might as well lose your users.  Hence, it has become a necessity to compress and optimize your WordPress site images to speed up and rank your site higher in the search engines.

Why is image optimization important?

Why does every article you see has images in it? Because ‘An image is worth a thousand words!’. That is why it is easier to explain what you are writing, through images. Larger images take more time to load, which makes your site slower. So it is important to optimize and make the size proper enough. They can also be compressed easily to make the load time less.

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Best WordPress Image Compression Plugins

It is very critical to optimize the images on your site or blog to make sure that it loads fast for your visitors, and you can do higher search engine rankings.

1. EWWW Image Optimizer

image optimisation


This is arguably the best image compression plugins available for WordPress. It processes the images in real-time soon after you activate the plugin. It also optimizes the images that have been uploaded before. The quality of the image does not change after the optimization. It converts the image into the best suitable format that exhibits the smallest size possible. This is the only plugin that works on your own server and not running on third-party servers.

Supported formats: JPEG, GIF and PNG.


  • Fast optimization.
  • WebP conversion.
  • Offers both lossless and lossy image compression in the free version.
  • Bulk optimize all your existing images with one-click.

2. WP Smush PRO 


It has more than 3 million downloads, making it one of the best image optimizer WordPress plugins repository. To use this plugin, you have to be a part of the WPMU Dev community. Smush image compression and optimization can process images in the format JPG, PNG and GIF by using WPMU Dev Smush API. You can compress images of size up to 32 MB either individually or in bulk. With WP Smush PRO, you can set up automated compressing. In this way, all of your new images are automatically compressed when uploaded to your site.

Supported formats: JPEG, PNG & GIF.


  • Easy to use.


  • Only 1 MB file size limit for the free version.
  • Offers only lossless compression for the free version. Lossy compression is available only on the pro version.
  • The free version can Bulk optimize only 50 images at once.

3. ShortPixel Image Optimizer


Shortpixel image optimizer plugin not only compresses images but also PDF files! Now, this is something really amazing. It lets you choose whether you want a lossy or lossless compression. After registering, you get access to the API key, which you can use on all websites. It stores the original copy of the images which you can restore anytime you want.

Supported formats: JPG, PNG, GIF and PDF docs.


  • No file size limit.
  • Offers both lossy and lossless image compression in the free version.
  • Backup option available.

4. Imagify


This plugin allows you compress images up to 25 MB every month in its free version. You can get as much as 1 GB by opting the paid version which is $4.99/month. It allows you to optimize images in three different ways of algorithms.

There are different types of methods to optimize the images. It allows you to optimize images in three different ways of algorithms.

  1. Normal- It uses a lossless compression algorithm which does not change the quality at all.
  2. Aggressive- A bit lossy compression algorithm which alters the quality of the image. But the image altered is hardly noticeable.
  3. Ultra- This is the strongest lossy algorithm compression.

Supported formats: JPG, PNG and GIF.


  • Offers both lossless and lossy image compression in the free version.
  • The backup option is available.

5. Compress JPEG & PNG images


This plugin uses the popular online image compressor service called TinyJPG and TinyPNG to compress your images without the loss in quality. It has two versions free and paid. The free version allows you to compress up to 500 images per month including all the thumbnails. It is more than enough for most of the bloggers out there. After you have used up your 500 images per month, it charges $0.009 per image. It is a powerful plugin which promises to deliver good results.

Supported formats: JPEG & PNG.


  • No file size limit.
  • WooCommerce compatibility.
  • Easy bulk image optimization.


  • Only offers lossy compression method, it doesn’t have the option to choose lossless compression.
  • No backup option.

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All the above-mentioned plugins work superb and you just can’t find any major difference. Try out all the plugins and see which one works for you the best.

Happy optimization! 

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