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In today’s fast life, Internet is today’s date is all about the speed. The faster your site and webpages load, more easily for the user and for the search engine. There are plenty of ways by which you can speed up your website, which include selecting the best Web hosting and selecting a better platform for your website. In here we are going to talk about some of the best WordPress cache plugin which can be used on your WordPress websites to speed up your site. Search engine rankings are also decided upon the time they take to load.

Why we need WordPress caching plugins?

When a visitor visits a page on your WordPress website, WordPress requires some database which loads everything and anything related to the page from the database. Under these circumstances, they make many calls to the database. Now what happens when a large mass of users visit your site, this might result in the banning of some overloading CPU uses. In this case there will be plenty of high traffic on the website and this increase the number of queries to a great extent and despite of using some of the powerful web hosting, the website will display issues like Error Connecting database or website down. Caching plugin converts your pages into static pages and when some user requests a page, it does not query database but directly serves the pages from the cache folder. This is a technique to load the servers quick and the website will load faster.

Best WordPress cache plugins

As a starter you might be using a shared hosting, which has good resources but use a catching plugin that helps a lot to lower down the server load they might not be any unexpected warning like exceeded CPU limiting and so on. There are plenty of WordPress caching plugins and some of the well-known plugins are mentioned. While deciding the best WordPress plugins, one must take in account the hosting and server configuration. Although there is no basic rule and it varies from server’s configuration.


WP-Rocket is one of the most easy and awesome plugin that can be configured. This is a plug and play WordPress cache plugin which can download and configure within a short span of 5 minutes. This plugin offers page caching, GZIP compression, lazy image loading and cache preloading which makes sure that the users can only download the image once they are fully visible. WP-Rocket is one of the most user friendly caching solutions available and there is no advanced setting that makes the users concerned about.


WP Super Cache

As per the popularity of the cache plugin is concerned, this is by far the best. There are more than 6 million downloads top this plugin. This plugin basically provides three different ways to speed up your website; you can use server static pages using PHP, use mod_rewrite to deliver static pages. Other than that this plugin allows you to use a legacy caching mode that caches pages for the users logged in. This plugin offers support to the content delivery networks and do not have any option to load certain plugins to make load them quicker.


Hyper Cache

This plugin is designed for the WordPress sites which do not have plenty of resources. This allows you to define the period that pages are cached and whether you want to have page compression or not. Then these HYPERCACHEare the Bypass tab which allows you to specify the pages to exclude from caching. The last tab is the mobile settings, which allows you to bypass the mobile device and use a separate cache. Hyper Cache also supports 404 error page caching.

W3 Total Cache

This is one of the most advanced plugin that words out of box and offers an advanced caching mechanism. Many of the famous websites like Smashing magazine and Mashable uses this plugin. Although a perfect w3 total cache configuration has to have a little technical skill. The latest version of this plugin comes with an integration of CloudFlare.


WP Fastest Cache

As the name suggests the company promotes itself as one of the fastest and the simplest cache system. It offers GZIP compression, browser caching and minimization. This plugin live up the reputation of being simple. It has a single tab display for settings and has almost all the plugin features.

All the WordPress caching plugins have their own reasons to be used. But if somebody is new to the use of these plugins, better to go with the WP Super Cache. Other than that if you are to use some of the more advanced plugin, it is recommended to use W3 Total Cache. There are plenty of other plugins that can also be used and are good in performance, but the best are mention in the list.

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