People are generally lazy. Don’t smile. You know it’s true. So, they need basic life hacks. Just as you get the same for how to do your hair in the morning, or how to clean your car easily, there are available a few Windows life hacks too! Lets’ explore some cool Windows Tips and Tricks you should know.

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Pin to Task bar

Pin to Task bar

Use your task bar to launch your programs. Windows users usually find this easy as it is easier and a quicker way to use your other programs. So if you are addicted to multi-tasking and need to launch a program B while already working on program A, this is the perfect hack for you!

When you are selecting a program, stop! Think if you use this on a daily basis. If you do, it would be easier to just have it on your task bar. Right click on the icon and “Pin to Task Bar”.

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Keyboard launches

Keyboard launches

If you know the correct keyboard combinations to launch programs, then you don’t even have to use your mouse. Every program is assigned a number on the task bar. The first one would ideally be “1”, the second would be “2” and so on. The 10th one would be “0”.

To launch a program from your keyboard just press the windows key and the number of the program you wish to launch. And voila! It’s done

Launch new instances of programs

Don’t know what this means? That’s okay.

Imagine that your google page is already open and you want to open a second google page. Opening this second page and launching this second page is the same thing.

Now, how do you do this? It’s pretty simple really! Press the Shift key and along with it press the windows key and the number of the program you wish to launch. You can also press the Shift key and at the same time click on the program you want to launch. Both ways, your job will get done!

 How to copy a file path

How to copy a file path

Sometimes you want to access a particular folder, and more than once. Maybe it has your music. Maybe it stores your pictures. But it is not a folder present on your desktop.

Therefore, to access this folder you have to give the same path commands over and over. Too time consuming right? So how do you get around this?

It’s Simple. Copy the file path to your clipboard.

To do this, use this simple formula:

Shift + right click on the file/folder you need to access.

An option called “Copy as Path” will be revealed. Use this option.

Use the Send To option

Send To option

College students listen up! Remember all those times where you had to go back-and-forth from the HDD folder to your C: or D: drive folder in order to copy movies and songs? That pain is over!

Use the send to option. After you have used the Ctrl key and clicked on all the elements you wish to move to another folder or to send to another folder, right click, click the Send To option and select the folder where you want to send your files.

This will not erase your files from their original location, but just make a copy in your destination folder.


Use Keyboard Commands

Keyboard Commands

They might take a toll on your actual memory while learning them, but they are totally worth it in the end. Use keyboard commands to get work done faster. This is especially useful while working on Microsoft Office.

Following are a list of keyboard commands at your service:

F1 – Help

Ctrl+C –           Copy

Ctrl+X -Cut

Ctrl+V –          Paste

Ctrl+Z -Undo

Ctrl+Y – Redo

Delete (or Ctrl+D) – Delete

F2 – Rename

Ctrl+A – Select all items in a document or window

F3 – Search for a file /folder

F5 (or Ctrl+R) – Refresh the active window

Esc – Cancel the current task

Ctrl+Shift+Esc – Open Task Manager

Ctrl + F – To search for a word

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Pin and Jump!


Each icon on your task bar has a jump list attached to it. If you are working on more than on one file of the same type/kind, you can pin it to your jump list accordingly. This will make navigation faster and much easier.

For multi-taskers, and psychopathic document editors all over the world, this is the ultimate tool!

 Add to the list

Jump Lists do have some constraints though. The number of items you can pin to one list is limited. But wait… There is a way to get around this obstacle too!

When you visit Taskbar and Navigation Properties, you can edit and increase the number of elements to be included in your Jump List! This is really easy!

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These are some few best windows tips and tricks  that the world of Windows is offering to you!