Best WhatsApp Alternative Apps for Your iPhone and iPad

In the era of internet, it is impossible to survive without instant messaging. And by instant messaging we mean, messaging apps that send and receive text messages in an instant and are connected via the internet. With the popularity of the internet, rose the dire need of instant messaging apps.

When we talk about instant messaging apps, it is hard to miss out “WhatsApp.” Not only does this app give the feature of instant text messages, but also allows you to place video calls and post updates as statues, along with letting you share pictures, documents, music, and your location. The latest version even let you send GIFs through the app itself. Although Whatsapp is the most popular app, there are much more apps that offer the same features to stay connected to your friends.

Here is a list of the apps that can be used as alternatives for WhatsApp. And the best part? The best part is that these apps are supported by your iOS platform.

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Best WhatsApp Alternatives for iPhone: Stay Connected With Your Friends

iMessage From Apple

iMessage from Apple is one of the most suited apps for your iPhone as an alternative for WhatsApp. iMessage lets you stay connected to your friends and families. Also, if you have more than one device, it will continue your chats once you log in. This app works on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and your Mac. For Mac, iMessage will work only if it is running on Mountain lion or above. You can ask Siri to type your messages, along with this you can send images and MMS.


Telegram is another amazing app to use as an alternative for WhatsApp. This app lets you make a group with around five thousand users. The best feature of this app is that it has a self-destruct feature. This means that your messages won’t even be stored on the Telegram’s servers. Apart from this, you can send pictures, videos, and MMS. Also, it has telegram bots. You can command these bots and let them send your messages.

Google Allo

Google Allo is one of the best alternatives for WhatsApp. It is has been developed by Google and allows the user to search things up on Google directly from the app itself by letting use the Google Assitant. You can chat with your friends instantaneously while you can ask you Google assistant to set alarms and other things.


Line is available for iOS platforms. It is one of the most interactive apps. It has many stickers as well exciting emoticons. Along with this, you can place a call or a video call to your friends.


We chat is another instant messenger. It works well with iOS, through this app you can create groups and chat with your friends as you like. This app, similar to LINE, has many stickers and emojis to choose from. You can also place calls and video calls.


The app “Kik”, is yet another that works just as fine as WhatsApp. Kik, allows instant messaging. Send texts, images or documents. Along with this, you can also search the web for various things without leaving your app.


This app has a unique interface and many other unique features. This is the only application which comes with customizable fonts. It also allows you to join group calls. You can video call, send pictures, and your location. It also supports many languages.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger is one the most popular app like whatsapp without phone number world wide! It has many cool features and is loaded with stickers, emojis, and GIFs. You can video call or voice call your friends at any time, all you need is an internet connection. The clean UI of the app adds to the experience. Facebook messenger, also features secret conversations! You can keep some of your conversations private. This is one of the most amazing alternatives for WhatsApp.

Our world with the internet has become fast-paced. And due to this, our need to connect to people all around us has increased tremendously. Technology has brought has brilliant gadgets and even better apps. Through these apps we can get in touch with each other within mere seconds, all that you must is an internet connection.

When we talk of instant messengers, only WhatsApp comes to mind. But there are many other alternatives of WhatsApp, which give the same amount of features. Some apps even offer better features than our popular WhatsApp. The list above has been compiled by keeping those limits in mind.

All the applications mentioned above work absolutely well with your iPhones. A few of them are available for free of cost on iTunes. You can go to iTunes, search for the app or apps you like form this list and download them to enjoy a new and different app!

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