Boring Days? Lazy Sundays? Sleepless Nights? Night Stays with Friends? What could be better than watching movies at such times, at least for the filmy geeks. On a boring day, it’s the best way to pass hours by watching movies, your favorite serials, episodes, your recorded videos and what not. What you need for that, Ahh, A cushiony Sofa, and of course a smart phone or a tablet with a Good Media Player installed.

Nowadays, display of phones and tablets are getting bigger and bigger day by day, to give a better and comfortable user experience; without loosing the portability and form factor. People buy big phones for watching movies, gaming, etc, but least consider about the media player. But, a good media player adds a good experience, and is a must have.

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Best Free Media Players for Android

1. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player by VideoLAN; is one of the most popular Media Player available for almost every OS be it Windows, iOS or Android. You can simply download it from the store. It supports almost every support and the subtitle formats.


It also has a very simple and decent user interface; that gives you a comfortable movie experience. It also has a wide support mode which is very reliable for use and give a good cinematic experience.


  1. Decent and Simple UI.
  2. Wide View
  3. Popular Brand

Download: VLC for Android (Free)


2. MX Player

MX Player is one of the most used best audio player for android on the PlayStore. It supports a variety of formats. It also supports Pinch to Zoom and panning to scrub the video. You just need to pinch in and pinch out for zooming in and out. And you also swipes the subtitles and Zoom in and Zoom out the subtitles too.

MX Player

It comes with some features like;

  1. Swipe up/down on the right side of the screen to increase or decrease the Volume
  2. Swipe up/down on the left side of the screen to increase or decrease the Brightness Level.
  3. Kids Lock- To avoid accidentally touching the screen or the making the calls.

Download: MX Player (Free)


3. KMPlayer

If you are into multi-tasking, then KMPlayer is for you. KMPlayer is made for today’s smart generations. Supporting 4K content and 30 languages, KMPlayer is for all. KMPlayer also supports most type of formats like the other players.


  1. Floating Screen: It allows users to do multitasking by enjoying the Movies and doing your work along.
  2. Cloud Storage: Play all your videos stored on the drive.
  3. Gesture Control/ One Finger Control: You can swipe right/left and up/down for functions like forward/backward and up/down.

Download: KMPlayer (Free)


4. KMPlayer Pro

It’s almost the same as it’s younger brother KMPlayer, but the difference lies in the Adfree user experience with the Pro Version. The Adfree User Experience gives you a great movie experience; without any kind of distractions and in the full screen. But it’s a paid version. So you need to spend a few bucks to purchase this.

KMPlayer Pro

Download: KMPlayer Pro (Rs. 152.54)


5. GOM Player

GOM Player is also a great Media Player and a brand itself with some distinctive features. It allows you to play 360 videos. You can have a snapshot of the video and play/pause with the help of a touch and gestures.

Distinctive Features:

  1. Sleep Timer Function
  2. Two Finger Touch to Play/Pause
  3. Double Tap to Snapshot
  4. Favorite Selection Mode

Download: GOM Player (Free)


6. Video Player All Format

Video Player All Format tool is a professional best hd video player for android with a lot of features. Its free for android devices but have some optional in-app purchases. This app supports all kinds of formats be it 4k, Full HD and what not. It is also one of the best media player for android devices. It also has a Private mode, which helps you to secure your files in a separate Folder.


  1. Support All Formats including Ultra HD Video Format i.e. 4k.
  2. Keep Your Video Safe with Private Folder.
  3. Night Mode, Playback Speed, and Quick Mute.
  4. Cast Video to TV with Chromecast.
  5. ScreenLock option also available.

Download: Video Player All Format (Free)


7. BS Player FREE

BS Player FREE is also one of the best Hardware accelerated Video Playback for Android phones and tablets. It supports almost all format video player for android free download. The main feature of this player is; it automatically finds the subtitles. But it is only compatible with Android Version 6.0. This player has a blue theme and the icons appear big, So, can be easily used by people who prefer reading big fonts.

BSPlayer Media Player


  1. Android 6.0 compatibility.
  2. Background Playback in pop-up window.
  3. Lock screen to prevent accidental actions.
  4. Support for USB OTG.

Download: BS Player FREE (Free)


NOTE: To have an AdFree experience of Watching videos, Click Here, to have a list of 10 Best AdBlocker Apps for Android Rooted and Unrooted devices.