A good team works the way it does because of effective collaboration, because of the effort put in by every single member in it – every member who strives to meet deadlines, makes compromises, and tries to overcome problems when working towards an aim or when managing a number of people. A successful team also has a leader – one who readily takes up responsibilities and proves trustworthy, being able to work quickly within a limited time frame.

No team works without effective communication, the same way no leader or team-member would be comfortable speaking their mind in a group they haven’t familiarized themselves with. Brainstorming, providing value, equal partaking – it’s a trusted, convenient collaborative platform that lies at the root of it all, with effective online collaboration being one of the biggest factors that contribute to the success of any company – whether it’s to encourage creativity, improve productivity, or simply to promote healthy employee relationships.

With everything from self-analysis, problem solving, and the ability to look at the bigger picture to simple workflow management and team collaboration in mind, Geekeasier brings you five amazing tools that are guaranteed to make your business less work and more fun.

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Tools to Manage Your Workflow and Online Collaboration Effectively


Smartsheet’s industry-leading capabilities, trusted by over 50% of the Fortune 500, make it one of the most ideal platforms to enhance business implementation and functional perceptibility.

A leading platform in automating collaborative work, Smartsheet, by its own credible claims, offers high-value solutions, rich data integrations, easy compliance and auditability, each proving essential to take a step further into maximizing productivity and maintaining control.

Easy to deploy and easy to use, the simplicity Smartsheet allows lulls users into comfort, making it impossible for them to separate it from any future plan they formulate.

“Events are layers and layers that all have to connect somehow and Smartsheet fits it all together. This saves me days of planning in the future,” says Kathleen Castaillic, Senior Director in Global Events, Box.

Contact Smartsheet today, and join Kathleen and the employees of several other leading companies in relying on this award-winning, widely trusted tool being used by millions of users in over 175 countries.



Clear communication is a constant struggle anyone who’s worked on a remote team would be familiar with.

‘Transparency’, when it comes to communication, is an often used buzzword. Every business, no matter how big, claims to have it as one of its top priorities when it comes to communication, but anyone who has ever been involved in making collaborative efforts towards running a business would know that it’s an idealistic wish instead of a reality.

Slack is the cloud-based collaboration tool that can finally make it possible – bringing down the superficiality of transparency to a tangible, very possible quality. The platform brings all team communication to one place, creating open communication channels and allowing easy navigation. Passive candidates would no longer be able to, or want to remain passive – Slack makes sure every single person is involved.

Direct messages enable quick, private conversations between one or more team members. Slackbot, Slack’s very own bot, offers itself readily to give instant advice to floundering new users.

With above three million daily users using and exploring it, Slack is a world worth exploring for any several developers or designers looking to hang out together.



Whether it’s Khan Academy, Uber, TED, or The Newyorker, great teams within great companies love Asana. There’s no way to get clearer about the next responsibilities and steps to be taken up – it is now easier than ever before to track every single part of every task very easily, from start to finish.

Asana is the kind of collaborative platform every leader dreams of; whether it’s assigning tasks to other members, adding followers to projects, or monitoring deadlines. Strategic planning and keeping up to date with calendars and to-do lists are strengths that Asana is best suited for.

Chat with the company for anything you need, anytime you want.



Collaboration means more – more people to keep track of, more jobs to manage, more deadlines to meet – and Trello makes it possible with cards.

The tool has a luring interphase that resembles Solitaire – it even allows you to drag work cards from one column to another, the same way you would drag playing cards while trying to win at Solitaire.

The Trello board shows how you can go from an idea to beta product in no time. Taco approved, as the Trello team would say.


Use Trello, keep ‘done’ at the spearhead, and retrospect on anything any number of times you want.

It doesn’t matter if your company is a booming business or a start-up – Trello is the most visual and flexible way for your team to collaborate on any project.



If you constantly have one eye out for simple navigation and an intuitive interface, Redbooth is your tool.  You have excellent service at your disposal, added up with the lack of need of any complementary software. Feature-rich and usable by any team, no matter how busy, Redbooth is one of the best ways to stay connected, organized, aligned, and on schedule.

“The time-saving we do is the real win: our account execs each save 30 hours per month in admin work,” says Tim Pickard, Vice President, Malone Media.

Join Redbooth, let it familiarize itself to you in no time, and get more done by today.

Whether it’s communicating with your team, managing projects and tasks or creating together, there’s a software for everything. Research for yourself, choose, and decide which one you would trust to take the ineffectiveness of strained collaboration off your shoulders. Keep in mind exactly what you need, the nature you would expect a software to have to manage your workflow with maximum efficiency, and to meet each one of your needs. Look for ease of use, multiple features, privacy options, integration’s, and compatibility – for tools that seamlessly join themselves into your schedule and let you handle everything from one chair. Request demos if needed, and always keep an eye out for ways to get rid of all other supportive software so that you never have to waste time switching from one tool to another.