What is a portfolio ?

A document designed to offer qualitative and quantitative information with evidence’s. It aims at providing relevant information about accomplishments, skills and experience at education level, work place and community level.

Importance of portfolio

Building a good portfolio can help you to showcase your ability and knowledge in the better way. You can share your experiences with anyone around the world.

Online portfolio will always help in creating good impression on the employer and is of great help to get you a better job. Seeing you’ve taken the time to build a website featuring work samples, recommendations, earlier presentations and more will be a killer first impression. Because of the flexibility of an online portfolio, you’re able to show your personality by choosing design, layout and the copy you write.

With the click of a button, you can change content, videos, copy and pictures on your online portfolio. You can also constantly create new content to add to your site to show your continuous learning process —whether employed or not.

• Other Things To Consider

When you’re creating a portfolio site, think of what you would like to see if you were the client. Attempt to see the site through their eyes. You want to be as accessible as possible. There’s nothing professional about being mysterious or covert. Keep your portfolio simple. Your visitors will appreciate the straight-forward approach.

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How To Make A Portfolio: 7 Best Online Portfolio Website Builders

A great portfolio can build your brand and network, helping in landing you clients. So its very essential to get it right because its very important for a person to present his/her work on a global platform. But, choice of right tools is not always easy especially when you lack in knowledge, time and finances. So to showcase your precious work here are some online tools that will work best for you.
Things they have in common :
• ease of use
• portability
• affordability

1. Carbonmade

Its a free simple to use solution which offers supremely well designed, professional canvas to showcase your work. It features site creation, image uploader, private galleries with a range of further tools to make it more attractive and beautiful. It requires no coding knowledge. It takes care of the user security leaving them free to concentrate on their career opportunities. It provides personalized customization and makes worm flexible for the servers.



2. Divi builder 

The new and revolutionary way to build website/ portfolio based on elegant themes popular divi theme. It helps you to fully customize the content without changing anything. It is a powerful option for website owners. It meets all the criteria we outlined features It gives you the freedom to explore new and exciting layout possibilities and brings exposure to your work and connect you with clients. For further information and a descriptive demo you can visit the website.

3. Cornerstone

Cornerstone provides time saving, productivity enhancing with the main benefit of getting accurate representation of how your page will look like.

• It features
Clutter free work-space
Text editing on content
Provides the ultimate element
• Other highlights
Ability to create custom layouts for both posts and pages
Easy way to control access to Cornerstone by user role
Online support documentation and forum
Migration of Cornerstone content between sites
Fully mobile responsive layouts and designs
• Created by a reputable development team

4. SnapPages

SnapPages is a fully responsive and easy website which perfectly blends with your brand and identity. You will definitely enjoy working with this tool’s collection of modern designs and eventually you will discover that building website/portfolio is easier and awesome.
• the drag and drop HTML5 design truly makes the editor more easy to use.
cloud hosting – helps you to work with a space.
plugins to connect you with the social media.
• it has 2 versions – pro
– advanced
Both the versions are paid but you can try this website for free.
For further information visit the website.


It’s a productive portfolio builder and a real-time saver and its fun being able to watch your design evolve through LEGo BLOCKS. Yes, with LeGo blocks you will build portfolio with XPRS by IM creator. With the Lego block feature you can divide a theme into strips that you can customize, mix and match. It’s a best solution for those who deals with multiple clients and need multiple websites. XPRS services are free for artist, students and other non profit workers but for profit workers who works for commercial market its a paid service. You don’t need any expert because with this you are an expert yourself.

6. Allyou.net

This free online e-portfolio has much to offer as a website/portfolio building tools. It serves the needs of graphic designer, photographers, and artist with just few clicks you can present your work in customized manner. Its front-end drag and drop editing option will work best in less possible time. You can try it for free as they have a option of 14 day free trial.

7. Portfoliobox

Portfoliobox helps to showcase your work and connect you with clients in a flexible and beautiful way. It gives the freedom to explore and edit any type of content to produce your online website/portfolio with many features such as galleries, blog, e-commerce stores, video capabilities. Its a best portfolio platforms for designers to work with ease and build a structured and professional looking online portfolio in no time.

Maintain a portfolio

A Career Portfolio will be useful only if you keep up it! It is your responsibility to manage yourself and your development, however, when you become busy with work, school and extra‐curricular activities. , it is easy to overlook this commitment. Establish a process that works for you, that you can rely on, and you will be better ready for your future when you graduate.


The above mentioned  free online portfolio maker tools are best to design, build and host the portfolio. They meet all the outlined needs such as ease of use, portability, functionality, affordability. And that you have gone to the effort of assembling a portfolio to bring to an interview conveys the impression that you are strongly motivated, well organized, and ‘have your act together,’ provided, of course, that the items you show from your portfolio do not undermine or contradict statements you have made in your written application.

You can use any of these best free online portfolio sites to build sparking portfolio. These are powerful and advanced and will surely bring out the best.
Try the demo, free trial offers to make a better choice for yourself.