List of 5 Top and Best Time Management Apps:


5. Evernote

Price: Free

Evernote is an app that aids time management by allowing users to stay organized and improve productivity. It is one of the best note taking apps on the market, allowing users to construct to-do lists, make voice reminders, and organize notes according to sections. In addition, Evernote syncs the notes across all devices a user has, such as PC, smartphone, and tablet, as long as the user has a working internet connection. This means that individuals can stay organized not only on their smartphone but carry the information onto all of their devices with little to no inconvenience.

4. Things

Price: $9.99

Things is a task manager for smartphones, and it distinguishes itself from other task managers with its beautiful and intuitive interface and flexibility. There are different tabs for Today, Next, Scheduled, as well as a Someday tab for the projects that users are working on the side. In addition, users can keep organized with Work, Family, and Hobby tasks and sort them into the appropriate categories. Tags can also be used to assign priorities so users know what needs to be done right away and what can wait. Things also stores information across multiple devices such as Macs, iPhones, and iPads, although the apps are sold separately.

3. Fantastical

Price: $4.99

Fantastical is one of the most commanding and user-friendly calendar apps on the iPhone. Having an effective and intuitive calendar app is crucial to time management because a critical component of time management is the ability to plan ahead. Fantastical helps by giving users a simple and effective way to organize events chronologically and plan out important events in the future so that the user won’t miss a deadline or forget to turn in a business school term paper. It even allows users to enter the event through diction, and makes using the calendar incredibly convenient and easy. It is also visually attractive and has a great interface on top of being so easy to use.

2. MindNode

Price: $9.99

MindNode is a simple and intuitive mindmapping application. This is vital to time management because a lot of time can be saved by planning out ideas physically and drawing the connections between them. There are three modes to MindNode: Brainstorm, Organize, and Share. Brainstorm allows for the creation and connection of nodes and the actual mindmaps, as well as a limitless canvas to allow for truly complex and interconnected ideas. Organize allows the user to rearrange and order the nodes and color code them at will. Share allows Dropbox and iCloud sharing of the mindmaps so individuals can access their brainstorm at any time.

1. OmniFocus

Price: $19.99

OmniFocus is one of the most powerful task management applications in existence for the iPhone. It allows users to keep track of tasks and organize them by project, person, place or date. It won the award for the best Productivity App at the launch of the iPhone App Store. It is constantly upgraded, and includes useful and innovative functions such as synchronizing with other apps and copies of OmniFocus, as well as breaking larger tasks into more manageable portions. A day’s tasks can even be planned out geographically so that they are viewed on a map instead of as a list, and notifications can remind users when tasks become relevant or due.