Best Sketch Alternatives for Windows and Linux Users

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Sketch is one of the most popular vector graphics editor tool for Mac OS X. Since its release in 2010, Sketch has become the industry standard for the Web, Mobile, UI/UX, and icon designs.

best sketch alternatives for Windows and Linux

The following features prove why there are very few direct competitors to Sketch:

  • Precision– to help you easily change size, styles, and layouts
  • Inspection– edit the position, rotation, and size of one or more objects at a time and to do mathematical calculations with ease
  • Exporting– to help you export your creation in every possible format
  • Mirror– to get real-time preview on your device

Despite these awesome features, Sketch is not available for Windows as well as Linux platforms.

While there are several graphic designers who use Mac, a lot of them don’t. Thus, Sketch is exclusively for Mac and this exclusivity is a huge drawback for Sketch

So, if you are primarily a Windows or Linux user, don’t be upset as in this article, we have come up with the 6 Best Sketch Alternatives for Windows and Linux

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Top Sketch Alternatives for Windows and Linux

1. Inkscape

best sketch alternatives for Windows and Linux

Inkscape is an open-source general-purpose vector graphics editor tool. Available for almost every famous platforms, Inkscape lets you create as well as manipulate objects.

Whether you are a designer, an illustrator or a vector imager, Inkspace is meant to suit your taste.

It provides you with flexible drawing tools, broad file format compatibility, powerful text curves, Bezier and Spiro curves to get your job done.

No doubt when it comes to features, Sketch is much powerful than Inkscape. But being cross-platform and extremely lightweight, Inkscape serves as one of the best open source alternatives for Sketch.

Also, numerous file formats including that of Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, and CorelDRAW can be imported in Inkscape.

2. Gravit

best sketch alternatives for Windows and Linux

Another open source and lightweight vector graphics editor, Gravit provides you a platform where you can create free designs anytime, anywhere. It is a powerful, lightweight, and easy-to-use tool. And the best part is that Gravit is completely free!

And the best part is that Gravit is completely free!

Gravit is accessible on Windows, Mac, Linux, and ChromeOS, can be used in any of these modern browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera, and will run smoothly on several devices

Using Gravit you can

  • Create Screen Designs for your website
  • Design logos for your company or brands
  • Create social media graphics to attract audiences

Besides these, it also allows you to share and promote your ideas and projects with others. By doing so, you also stand a chance to get rewarded in the form of money

To be concise, Gravit is simultaneously brilliant and simple

3. Adobe Illustrator

best sketch alternatives for Windows and Linux

This vector graphics editor probably needs no introduction.

From logos, icons, mobile and web design to sketching, print design, and typography, Adobe Illustrator lets you do it all.

It provides you with some great features including smart guides, dynamic symbols, shaper tools, perspective drawing tools, multiple art-boards, and live gradient editing.

While using Adobe Illustrator, you can synchronize your work through the Creative Cloud which provides cloud syncing as an extra feature. It also has companion apps for Android and IOS to let you access millions of creative designs. Thus, once you have created a design, you can use it anytime, anywhere.

you will also be guided throughout your journey with the help of tutorials and resources provided by Adobe Experts

As the name suggests, Adobe Illustrator is good for digital illustrations but lags behind Sketch when it comes to general-purpose vector design due to lack of workflow for the product as well as the user interface.

But for Windows and Linux Users, it’s better to have something rather than nothing. Do give it a try. You will surely love it.

4. Pencil Project

best sketch alternatives for Windows and Linux

Pencil Project is an open source vector graphics editor tool available for almost all famous platforms.

It has a collection of various shapes by default which includes general-purpose shapes, flowchart elements, desktop/web UI shapes, Android and iOS GUI shapes.

Using Pencil Project, you can export your design as a web page to deliver it to the viewers. It has a sketch design feature, using which you can create shapes and other hand drawn sketches with relative ease

It is quick, easy, and can work across multiple platforms

Text documents can also be exported into popular formats including OpenOffice/LibreOffice text documents, Inkscape SVG and Adobe PDF.

Being a simple tool with such great features, Pencil Project does take some time to learn how to use. Those who have earlier experience of sketching and designing will grab it quickly but beginners will have to devote some time to be familiar with this tool

Oce you grab Pencil Sketch, you will surely love it

5. Boxy SVG

best sketch alternatives for Windows and Linux

Boxy SVG is an open source vector graphics editor tool quite similar in feature to that of Sketch and Adobe Illustrator

It is capable of doing illustrations, icons, banners, mockups, charts, buttons and much more!

It not only works on Windows and Linux but also inside the web browser. It’s very plain interface and simple tools make it one of the best vector graphics editor for beginners.

Even though Boxy SVG is a beginner when it comes to vector graphics illustrations, it comes up with various tools and features to make it a perfect tool for beginners as well as professionals.

To start working with Boxy SVG, you must have Google Chrome installed on your device

You can also try a free live demo of Boxy SVG by clicking here

6. Xara Designer Pro

best sketch alternatives for Windows and Linux

Xara Designer Pro is a high speed, single integrated solution for all your creative work that you design for print and the web,

In addition to basic features required for vector design, it provides you with extra tools for illustrations, web designing, basic image manipulation, and much more!

It is highly compatible with the industry standards.

Unfortunately Zara Premier Pro is not an open source software. Anyways, you get a free 7-day trial and if you are satisfied, you can buy the software.

Since Zara is meant for Graphic as well as Web Designing, you get a choice to select between the two during your purchase

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We hope you found these Sketch alternatives for Windows and Linux useful.

To be honest, Sketch’s workflow for UI and UX design has given it a lead over its competitors. But when you are outside the Mac ecosystem, these general purpose graphics editors do work well to help you carry out your task. Also, the developers are continuously looking up to improve these editors by adding some new features to meet your needs.

If you liked these Free Sketch Alternatives helpful or have few more to share, do let us know by dropping few lines in the comments section below.


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