Best Self-defense Apps for iPhone and iPad - Personal Security Apps

Smartphones have already become the most crucial part of our lives. It helps you in ways one can not imagine. It also has self-defense apps. Who says you only need weapons to fight off somebody? Your iPhone is your weapon now. You have everything that you need to protect yourself. It only takes you to download few apps and learn techniques to protect yourself. You don’t need to go somewhere and learn self-defense. Your iPhone has covered everything.

You can also alert people by sending emergency SOS. You can protect yourself by one click and alert people instantly about your problem. So, let’s read about those apps which help you do the same.

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Best Self-defense Apps for iPhone and iPad


#1. Wing Chun

Best Self-defense Apps for iPhone and iPad: Personal Security Apps

With the step by step instructions through video, You can master all effective techniques of self-defense with Wing Chun. The app, by those instructions, makes you perfect in techniques and movements. There are detailed instructions to make sure that it is easy for you to understand.

It helps you learn the right way to use each technique in a real fight. This app is free to install, But to make it more powerful, You can unlock some features through in-app purchase.

#2. Self-defense Training

Best Self-defense Apps for iPhone and iPad: Personal Security Apps

This self defense training app helps you get ready to defend yourself against unarmed and weapon attacks such as shove, Hockey punch etc. There are all techniques that you need to protect yourself from the brutal attacks. Find out the best ones and learn to save yourself in the need of an hour.

The military grade Jiu Jitsu system offers you the training which is required to meet the real-life situations. They give you training on practical aspects which are the situations you face on streets. This is all you need, The street version of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to protect yourself.

#3. Krav Maga

Best Self-defense Apps for iPhone and iPad: Personal Security Apps

“Krav Maga” is a popular Self defense apps providing you all the tips and instructions to learn self-protection. It features many of guides and videos with step by step instructions. So watch all the videos and practice their techniques to protect yourself from the people who come against you on your way.

If you are at the beginning stage then you need detailed explanations for all the techniques that you ought to learn. This app has done work for the beginner ms and has ensured that you will learn with the least ease.

#4. FightTips self-defense guide

Best Self-defense Apps for iPhone and iPad: Personal Security Apps

“fightTIPS” is a very useful self-defense app that helps you in so many ways to improve your skills and showcase them in need.It provides you a guide to face off your attackers or bullies. It features many of martial art techniques with step-by-step instructions.
It provides you the easiest way possible to execute your technique.
Beginners will find this app very useful.

Best Emergency SOS Apps for iPhone and iPad

There are some best safety alert apps that can help you alarm people in case of an emergency. You can easily get help with these SOS apps

#1.SafeTrek – Personal Safety

Best Self-defense Apps for iPhone and iPad: Personal Security Apps

SafeTrek is a simple way of alerting the cops when you feel unsafe. You hold the safe button till you feel safe and the time you release the button in the event of danger, there will be an SOS sent by the app along with your location details (continuously monitored via your iPhone) in ten seconds. You have the option to disable the alert if you want to – within ten seconds – by entering a PIN.

#2.Red Panic Button

All you need to do is Open the app and tap the alarm button then iPhone will sound the alarm klaxons, so anyone near you will know immediately. Apart from the sound, the alarm also flashes colors on the iPhone screen so that attention of Others can be grabbed.
It’s an app you should use when you are being attacked in a relatively crowded place. Even people with a heart attack or other diseases can use this app to easily alert their well-wishers for help.

#3. SOS Siren Emergency Alarm

Best Self-defense Apps for iPhone and iPad: Personal Security Apps

SOS Siren Emergency Alarm makes sure that you are easily heard by people around you, make a call and be noticed during an emergency. This app actually has realistic siren sounds and scary screams which help you get listened better.

It also consists of dogs barking sound. There are four response options. You can send out a pre-saved text message to some of your close contacts also.

4. SOS

Best Self-defense Apps for iPhone and iPad: Personal Security Apps

This personal safety apps comes with a motion detector. You are only a tap away to alarm anybody for help. Sound a loud alarm to get heard easily.

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You get to pre-customize your close contacts to call them instantly when in need. Just tap a button so you can share your location with your friends confirm that you are safe. Also, It allows you to send out the signal when an emergency to let your friends know