With Smartphones becoming even more popular, more and more people are looking to their Iphone or Android phone to play a more central role in their health and fitness.

Because smartphones now have a multitude of sensors (gps, pedometer etc) as well as powerful processors and respectable battery lives, a whole array of new apps have been developed to track, record and inform every aspect of your exercise, diet and fitness. But with so many apps to choose from, which apps are worth downloading and which aren’t worth the code they are written in! This article is going to take a quick look at two of the most popular running and fitness apps available for both android and iPhone.

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Nike+ Running App

running and fitness appNike are very much leading the way when it comes to running and fitness apps. They were one of the original developers of the Nike+ GPS sport watch (bought out to rival the TomTom Runner watch) and have since cornered the fashionable side of the GPS running watch market.

Using their years of experience brought about from the development of the Nike+ SportWatch GPS, the company have now launched a completely free app that records and tracks your running.

As well as making use of the inbuilt GPS sensor in your smartphone, the app also uses a pedometer to record both your indoor and outdoor running. This means that you can use the app for virtually all types of running, no matter if you are road running or jogging in the gym.

As well as recording all of your basic statistics such as speed, distance, pace and time, the Nike app also has some very cool features which rival the online features of some of the more established running watches like the TomTom Runner watch. If you use the Nike+ app then you are given access to the colorful and feature rich online training portal called Nike Running. This is where you can store all of your heard earned training data as well as keeping tabs on your long term fitness progression and fitness goals.

Sticking with the social features, the Nike app also connects up to your Facebook account so your friends and family can cheer you along when you are out training. This is something that uses the power of 3G and so conventional running watches like even the highly reviewed TomTom Runner watch and the Garmin Forerunner 910 watch can match.

For Android – Here

For iPhone – Here

Considering this app is completely free to download and use it should feature highly on your list of potential fitness and workout companions.

Moves Lifestyle App

You would be criticized for not knowing about the new Moves app, but this fantastic little gadget is making waves and making the likes of TomTom and Garmin very afraid.

Like the Nike+ Running app, Moves is completely free to download and use. As well as recording your running like a GPS running watch it can also track your cycling and walking. But get this, it not only can automatically work out what exercise you are undertaking but it also runs in the background of your phone, recording your every movement and building up a picture of your activity levels throughout the day. Using Moves you can quickly work out exactly how much exercise you really do in any one day, week or even month using the handy summery totals, all without even consciously pressing record or start.

Moves is really making waves in the running and fitness community as it utilizes the power of the smartphone but without the battery intensity or conscious thought that is involved with a GPS watch. Although having said that, if you are really serious about your running and fitness then you still need to check out some of the specialist GPS watch models such as the recently reviewed TomTom Runner, the triathlon specific Garmin 910 or the socially rich Suunto Ambit. All three of these watches will record a greater number of statistics compared to the Moves app and will offer you much greater accuracy in terms of your statistics recording.

Having said that if you don’t want to spend a fortune (TomTom Runner is £179 for a basic model) then downloading the Moves or the Nike+ fitness app is a no brainier.

Moves Lifestyle App For Android – Here

This best running and fitness apps article was created by Linda from Runners Need.