Best Radio Apps for iPhone or iPad: The Best iOS Streaming Radio Apps

Best radio apps

What can be the thing that fits every mood other than Music? Music comes to the rescue in every kind of a mood, Sad? Music. Happy? Music. Although, You always wish to listen to your favorite ones. To make sure your mood sets up with the right music, You can always go for Radio. Listening to sports, news etc makes your time more cheerful.

Listening to songs according to your taste will the topmost priority, always. Here are some Best radio apps which you should surely go for. From customizing music based on your taste to listening to every other sports news, movies etc, These apps have you covered.

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Best iOS Radio Apps: iPad/iPhone Apps

1. Beats 1 by apple

Best radio Apps

If you are an Apple fan then you would like to go for Beats 1. The radio service is integrated with Apple Music it is the most widespread radio app for ios, streaming 24/7 with the network over 100 countries.

Along with Beats 1 radio, You can use Apple music as well. There is a complete benefit for you using this app, It entertains you with exclusive songs from top artists. Also, Apple music users can have access to music videos, live shows, TV shows and movies.

2. Audials Radio

Best Radio Apps

Music Lovers should really have this app. It’s offering more than 80K radio stations helps it in being unique and the Best radio apps. You can listen to any music of your choice while choosing from over 120 genres, audio and video podcasts and more.

Tune into your favorites by finding out local stations instantly. Also, Check out song lists, albums before playing the songs. Moreover, you can also take the full advantage of the car mode to rev up your music time while being on the drive.

3. MyTuner radio

Best Radio Apps

Yet another perfect choice for people who love to listen to radio channels.
You can relive your passion of listening to amazing music through this app, as it provides over 40K radio stations of 200 countries. It has a lot of radio stations from news to sports and you can switch between those you enjoy listening to.

You can create your favorite playlist and add your favorite stations to it. You can also make the most of more than 10,00,000 podcasts. Further, this app plays top hundred tracks to charge you the core.

4. Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio

Slacker radio, if said, can be the best alternative to all the Best radio apps. It provides you access to music according to your interests, instantly. Moreover, you can customize that list based on your taste in a better way.

This radio app provides you access to its hundreds of radio stations. You can thoroughly enjoy your music time with the access to millions of songs. To make sure that you never stop listening to your favorites, It also provides you an offline playback with a subscription.

5. TuneIn Radio

Best Radio Apps

The highlight of TuneIn Radio is the huge collection of 100,000 stations which makes it stand above all other radio apps. You can stream into radio stations from all over the world. Besides music, You can listen to whatever you are interested in, be it news, sports, talk radio, It has everything for you.

The app also has a wide library of over 60,000 audiobooks. Catch up with podcasts at your own convenient time. Moreover, You can listen to music even without the internet by downloading them to your playlist.

6. Jango Radio

Best Radio Apps

Looking for a more customised radio service? Then, You must try Jango Radio. It makes sure that you listen to your favorite tracks without any interruptions. Once you play a song of your favorite artist, It creates a custom list and plays tracks of your favorite artist without any pause.

You can also create a special radio station based on several genres like top 100, hot in hip-hop, indie dance hits and more. Save station to listen again.

7. 8tracks Playlist Radio

Best Radio Apps

8tracks Playlist Radio is an amazing app for exploring songs and sharing them with friends! You get to explore more than 3 million playlists in this app. Be it a cheerful music or a one to console you up, It has everything covered up for you.

Save your favorite playlists to quickly get back at them when you want to. With the vast community just a tap away, you can unleash your fav song to rule the roost and catch a lot of attention.

8. Live365 Radio

Best Radio Apps

Live365 Radio provides you the instant access to hundreds of music genres including rock, classical, jazz, electronic, country, gospel, pop, hip-hop/r&b, international, reggae, Broadway, meditation, oldies, talk and much more. Therefore, You won’t have to waste your time searching for songs that you love.

Moreover, This app is easily accessible. You can search and explore music with complete ease. Although, Live365 may not be as feature-rich as some of its top rivals, if you listen to music according to your specific taste, then this app as good as them.

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