Podcast is one among the versatile app. The app has received good response. Its popularity defines its success. The progress was really good in the initial stage. The reason behind the popularity and wide use is the utility of the app. Podcast apps are the best travel companion.


The sporadic series of audio files digitally accessible by the users. Users can subscribe to the channel they wish to hear. With the subscription feature, automatic download of new files happens.

It is one of the best source of entertainment at the time of commute. You can listen to your favorite radio shows and audio files in offline and online mode on your iPhone or iPad.

To put it in simple words “iPod + Broadcast” is podcast.

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Apple has its own podcast app, The response and functionality of the app seems to be dull, The progress was not similar to its start. Users were disappointed with it, There were lots of complaints and drawbacks. The app tries to gobble random data. Data usage was the main reason behind the failure.

There are lots of third party apps emerging to replace the Apple’s podcast. These  are working towards users better experience. They are  equipping themselves towards better functionality and utility.

We have a list of other apps that serves the purpose in a better way. The main aim of this list was to compensate the flaws of apple podcast and offer unique features to the podcast users.

Here is the list of Best Podcasts App Alternatives for iPhone and iPad or Mac  that are way too good in interface and features.

Best Podcasts App Alternatives for iPhone and iPad


Overcast is the best free podcast app player for iPhone and iPad among the rest.

Users can switch to this app without any doubt. One of the best podcast app to serve the purpose right.

It is an universal app that receives frequent updates.


  • You can anytime get recommendations from twitter.
  • The search and browse feature is very simple in this app.
  • Users can create their own custom playlist.

  • They can download their podcast favorite shows and watch them offline.
  • A feature will let know you on the arrival of new episodes.
  • App allows users to adjust playback speed.
  • Custom playlist offers smart filters, voice boosts.
  • Sleep timer is one of the useful feature.
  • Playlist can display unlimited episodes.
  • Design of the app stands unique with iOS modern standard.

  • Streaming feature plays a file immediately.
  • It has a well stocked in directory to organize podcast.
  • Download a single episode without subscribing to entire show.


The functionality of the app is far better to other podcast apps for iOS. Pocket casts vs overcast, It is a paid app with a stylish interface. The aesthetic of the app’s design is unique.

One of the fast app and compatible with other devices and OS. App looks great on iOS devices.


  • Users can select between light and dark themes.
  • The color automatically changes at the course of listening .
  • It supports iPod import feature like slide over , split view and picture in picture.
  • Auto download of episode is available.

  • Users can trim silences from the episode to save time.
  • Adjust playback speed and boost voice volume over background sound.
  • Extensive smart tools are available to sync and refresh podcasts.


This podcast app offers a lot of  freedom to search download and listen. It is very simple to use and organize.

It is a paid app with smart layout. There is a separate paid app version for Mac.


  • Allows you to export and import podcast feed  via OPML.
  • Users can view the podcast details and episode show notes.
  • Audio and Video airplay is available.
  • Gesture support and sleep timer are very useful features.
  • You can password protect your podcast.
  • iCloud sync helps in preventing continuity issues.
  • Favorite audio manipulation is done via  bluetooth connectivity.
  • You can control playback via earpods
  • Users can create smart playlists.



This app has the best design and friendly interface. Castro has received lots of appreciation and positive reviews.It is known for elegant outlook.


  • Episode triage is the most useful feature in a podcast. A different approach on how the users listen to podcast.
  • It has three options : Queue, inbox and archive.
  • This features helps us to manage the subscription clutter.
  • You can find all the latest episodes in inbox.
  • It allows you to read the review of each episode.
  • The dark mode and sleep time is useful at night time.
  • Rich notifications and Car play support is  available.
  • iMessage app helps you to share recent episode.


A fully featured paid podcast app. It aims to entertain its users. The app is compatible with both new and old devices.


  • Users can create custom playlist with different filtering options.
  • Manage new podcast episode with ease.
  • The apps allows users to download up to 3 episodes on wi-fi and 2 episodes on data.
  • It has a clean and easy to use interface.
  • Offers split screen support.
  • Lots of playback speed options available.
  • Customization options are more.

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All these podcast apps has its own pros and cons. The selection of app depends upon personal needs. The list is purely based on unique features that are absent in Apple’s podcast.

There are apps with unique features. Some podcast apps have similar feature but excellent interface.

Pick the right podcast app that suits your requirements and has a better functionality.